Wag the Chin

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With its crazy fitness classes and "No Judgements" philosophy, Crunch has always favored wacky advertising (remember the hostile bunny campaign?). But the latest round of spots from DiMassimo Brand Advertising takes the club's low-budget ad charm to new heights. The stars of eight new in-house-produced spots are talking chins. That's right, talking chins. The maws of several improv actors - chosen for their shape and muscle tone - are featured upside-down, affixed with cartoon eyeballs. Against a roughly illustrated background, the chins either participate or explain several gym activities. Two chins comment on a yoga class; one speaks only Vietnamese. Another gets caught in the shower, and one square-shaped chin, with a goatee, shares his feelings on stretching. The idea was inspired, says CD Mark DiMassimo, by a children's game. "Remember when you used to play chins?" he asks. No, can't say we do. But DiMassimo boasts, "We've released the power of the chin. A lot of people will be thinking about what they can learn from this. Procter & Gamble might even like it."

Client: Crunch Fitness Agency: DiMassimo Brand Advertising CD: Mark DiMassimo ACDs: Phil Gable, Julie Marsh AD: Julie Marsh CWs: Phil Gable, Carol Holsinger, Kim Ngyuen Agency Producers: Carla Hall, Debbie Weiner Director: Phil Gable Editors: Dimitri Gelfand, Larry Parham, Jeremy Medoff Sound: Adam Charity, Ear Goo Animator: Margaret Wuller

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