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Boys don't like girls. Girls don't like sports. Therefore, boys like sports. This logic is supposed to work with grammar school kids; ESPN.com is trying it on adult males. On behalf of the sports site, Ground Zero has created a website called Kathicam, a hokey homemade site constructed by a dim (but hot) adolescent girl. Kathi, the purported creator of the site, identifies her arch enemy as ESPN.com, and inserts idiotic jabs wherever she can. Under Party Tips, she includes the sub-category Computers, with this sage advice: "Don't let any boys dissapear [sic] and go to ESPN.com cause that's all they'll do all night and then nobody will be able to dance or nothing when you decide to lower the lights and start playing the latest pop hits on your stereo."

Client: ESPN.com Agency: Ground Zero CD: Court Crandall CW: Steve McElligott AD: Jeff Church Director: Jesse Peretz Production Company: X-Ray

There's No "I" in Team

Every amateur athlete dreams of the big-time sponsorship. Shimano, the bike company with a 10-speed sense of humor, is taking steps toward equal opportunity sponsorships with its fictitious corporate sponsor, Me Industries. Touting the wide release of its high performance bike shoes, the company's print campaign includes a fake sponsorship contract ("I agree to represent Me to the best of my physical and mental abilities."), decals, and real iron-on logos for clothing.

Client: Shimano Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky CD: Alex Bogusky AD: Amee Shah CW: Scott Linnen Digital Artist: Milan De Vito Photographer: Sebastian Gray

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