Best Web Site: Pepsi

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The fourth-highest spender online, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, PepsiCo understands the Web better than most corporate marketers that use the Internet for brand relevance to fickle youth. Pepsi-Cola North America's interactive leadership shows best on its and MountainDew.-com Web sites, and the relocation of its "Pepsi Smash" music show from TV to a presence on

Both the Web sites speak to multiple consumer audiences: sports, music, video game or car culture enthusiasts. Pepsi, through interactive shop Tribal DDB, Dallas, simplified its relatively complex communication strategies for with a constantly updated solar system navigation device to make it easy for consumers to click on its music, sports and other pages. Another highlight:'s Street Motion Tour sitelet gets "obscene time" spent in visits, says Scott Johnson, executive creative director at Tribal DDB, citing that it gets an average of 13 minutes.

Most efforts are initiated by a broader marketing team to reach every touch point. "Everything we do has a direct Internet extension," says John Vail, director of Pepsi-Cola North America's interactive marketing group.

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