Wheel Realignment

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Two outstanding Hot Wheels print campaigns, from Los Angeles-based Davidandgoliath, appeal to the toy collector in all of us. Aimed at "adult kids who are really into toys," according to CCO David Angelo, five ads replicate adult situations played out with toy cars. One features a scruffy mechanic funneling oil into a miniature Oldsmobile. Another shows a mustachioed valet opening the door of a tiny Corvette. Another shows a radar-wielding cop stopping an inches-long sports car. The agency employed an unusual media buy to bring the second campaign alive. Four classified ads touting "Must see!" hot rods for $25 (1/18 scale) ran alongside car listings in Auto Trader. "It's great to work on a campaign like this," says Angelo. "There's so much to play with."

Client: Mattel Agency: Davidandgoliath CCO: David Angelo CW: Ben Purcell ADs: John Davis, Dana Markee Photographer: Scott Schaeffer

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