Whoa! Gin Fizz

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The latest short films in Bombay's ongoing "Sapphire Inspired" series could hardly be less alike. A delicately beautiful all-CG outing from Psyop is a Japanese watercolor in motion, with a muted palette of birds, butterflies and petals drifting on the breeze. A live-action/CG offering from Rhythm & Hues features a giant man with a cartoony lightbulb poised above his head, and some strangely Warner Bros.-esque visual shenanigans. Between its film support and its artglass print series, this client is about ready to open a museum.

Client: Bombay Gin Agency: Margeotes Fertitta & Partners CD: Fritz Westenberger Agency Producers: Annette Suarez, Meagan MacDonald ["Drift"]: Designer/Directors: Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick/Psyop Music: Singing Serpent ["Big Idea"]: Director: Randy Roberts/Rhythm & Hues Editor: Michael D'Ambrosio/Rhythm & Hues Visual Effects Supervisor: Tim Milller CGI: Gunslinger Digital Music: Anthony Marinelli/1606 Studios Sound Design: Levels Audio Post

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