The Wicker Man

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The gin spinoff known as Pimm's is quintessentially British, and so are these witty spots from London hotshop Mother, though they were directed by Hungry Man's Hank Perlman. There's this very naive gent who stumbles upon four thugs burying cash in the woods. He thinks it's a tax dodge. "Hallo! Four of you, one of me. I make that Pimm's o'clock!" At which point he opens a wondrous wicker case with a servo-motored silver platter and whips up drinkies till the cops scare off his newfound buddies. In another spot, he runs into a group of streetwalkers on a corner. "What line of work are you in?" he wonders. "We work with the needy," says one saucy tart . "Well done, you!" he replies. "My mother does a lot of that." Drinks ensue, as the Pimm's man blithely says hello to a judge he recognizes, who's just pulled his car up for some fun, causing him to peel away in a panic.

Client: Guinness UDV Agency: Mother, London CDs: Darren Bailes, Al MacCuish, Stef Calcraft Agency Producer: Andrew Jones Director: Hank Perlman/Hungry Man Editor: Alaster Jordan/OBE Sound Design: Owen Griffiths/Jungle

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