Window Dressing

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Mercedes takes a cue from Mitsubishi and puts a potential French pop hit - should go great with freedom fries - behind a spot introducing the CLK, whose presence in the after-hours showroom attracts a horde of admiring mannequins from all over town. The car takes a backseat to the distinctly non-crash test dummies, imaginatively shot by Mehdi Norowzian, which are somewhat reminiscent of the zombies from a peculiarly elegant dinner theater production of Night of the Living Dead. But the overall effect of the spot is curiously memorable. Agency producer Rachel Novak says there were only four human ringers in the mannequin crowd.

Client: Mercedes Agency: Merkley Newman Hartley ECD/AD/CWs: Andy Hirsch, Randy Saitta Agency Producer: Rachel Novak Director: Mehdi Norowzian/Joy Films, London Editor: Andy Jenkins/Final Cut, London Music: "C'est Presque Ca," Rouge Rouge

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