Words to Live By

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New York ferret owners, who have gone underground since Rudy Giuliani declared the cute little varmints illegal, are sure to be thrilled (not!) by a new Verizon spot in which a ferret clamps onto a guy's tongue with pit bull tenacity after he makes the mistake of teasing his pet. This leads to a great text-messaging product demo, however, as the struggling schlub punches out an SOS on his cell phone. In another spot, two wiseguys doing a suitcase exchange, who know they're being bugged by the Feds, communicate via text messages - including a happy face. Tag: "Text with Mobile Messenger: When you just can't talk."

Client: Verizon Wireless Agency: Bozell/New York ECD: Tony Granger GCD: Rich Levy ADs: Brian Gillette, Lauren Williman CW: Kim Gallina Agency Producers: Andrew Chinich, Michele Ferone Director: Richard D'Alessio/@radical.media Editor: Gavin Cutler/MacKenzie Cutler Sound Design: Mark Healy/MacKenzie Cutler Effects: Charlex

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