Words Up

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How about this for a refreshing change of pace at MTV: Two promos of a literary bent, featuring the VO recitation of singer/songwriter/poet Jill Scott, on behalf of June's Black Music Month - with cool but restrained typography and nothing but landscape footage. It's beautiful and it cuts through the usual din and clutter like butter. MTV director of on-air promos Sophia Cranshaw asked Scott to write two poems for the campaign; "one speaks to the history of African-American music, and the other speaks to the origin of hip-hop - where it is today and how we need to get back to the center," explains Cranshaw. "I'm a Southern girl, and I love driving down the open road because it frees my mind. One day while driving, it hit me: I'll shoot a winding, open road and its natural elements, which will allow viewers to visualize their own meaning to Jill's words."

Client: MTV Agency: In-house Director: Sophia Cranshaw/MTV Freelance Producer: Nyenye Kitchings Graphic Designer: Terence King Editor: Gala Verdugo/Future is Now Sound Design: Paul Goldman/Eargoo

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