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Wink, Wink . . .

In a new, rather oblique anti-smoking spot for the "Truth" campaign, CP+B takes a tack that's more Saturday morning kiddie fun than MTV-edgy prime time assault. This spot pans a crowd at a rock concert; everyone in the crowd has fuzzy blotches where their eyes should be. A radio air-drops eyeballs on little parachutes to the masses, who promptly fit them into their cartoony sockets, ostensibly giving them visions of The Truth. But now they can see all that tobacco advertising!

Client: Florida Dept. of Health Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky CD: Alex Bogusky AD: Ryan O'Rourke CW: Steve O'Connell Agency Producer: Michelle Lazzarino Production Company: Moving Picture Company Animator: Robin Shaw

The New Math

In a commercial from across the pond that looks more like a Robert Altman movie, Gary Oldman and an interviewer sit at a table in a diner, their conversation narrating the film of a string of related Brits. They ponder the question "What makes you you?" Oldman comments philosophically, "You're every one-to-one you've ever had." So what's it all mean? The client, One 2 One, is a cell phone company, connecting people via annoying personal calls in public places.

Client: One 2 One Agency: BBH, London CD: John Hegarty/John O'Keefe AD: Adrian Rossi CW: Alex Grieve Agency Producer: Tania McKenzie Director: Steve Reeves Production Company: Another Production Company

Barbed Wireless

Huey/Paprocki, the bite-sized Atlanta shop that graced our pages last year with a skeletal mouse as a clever visual metaphor for slow internet access, returns to familiar territory with this striking image for Cysive. The wireless internet provider sounds downright meditative with its tagline, "What connects you can also confine you."

Client: Cysive Agency: Huey/Paprocki CD: Ron Huey/Joe Paprocki AD: Paul Crawford CW: Chris Dutton

CeeeDeee Now

With Top 10 lists that no one is ever, ever going to ask for, New York's Hampel Stefanides makes a point about CDNow's breadth of inventory, and simultaneously spotlights some of music's worst moments ("Treeeed" by Pee?). In fact, the lists create a veritable soundtrack for banality, covering synthetic fabrics and German phonetics alike. Along with a list of songs having at least three consecutive E's, they also offer titles about contagious diseases ("Songs that are Catchy") and ten songs named "Ten."

Client: CDNow Agency: Hampel Stefanides CD: Larry Hampel/Dean Stefanides AD: Jeff Cooper CW: Sam Mazur

Fear of a Quack Planet

Wrigley takes a new tack with an animated campaign featuring a variety of design styles, each spot depicting an everyday moment from an urban (read: hip-hop) scene. In the best of the lot, three twentysomething guys wait for a light on a streetcorner (and pass around a pack of gum), and one tells a joke: A duck walks into a store and asks the storekeeper for some "gwapes." The storekeeper says he has none, and when the duck returns the following day with the same request, the storekeeper again says he has none and threatens that if the duck returns, he'll staple the webbed feet to the floor. When the duck comes to the store for a third time, he asks the storekeeper if he has any staples; when the answer is negative, he resumes his request for "gwapes." The guys are appropriately disgusted with their corny friend.

Client: Wrigley Agency: BBDO AD: Elaine Perri CW: Gwen Dawkins Director: Mike Smith Production Company: Wild Brain

Charge Your Engines

It would probably be a lot easier to get the average guy to go furniture or home appliance shopping if the merchandise really looked like this. As it is, the promise of a macho American car from GM might do the trick. Mullen finds the automotive joy in these mundane purchases to push the GM credit card, with points toward a new car for every dollar charged.

Client: General Motors Agency: Mullen CD: Edward Boches AD/ACD: Michael Ancevic CW/ACD: Stephen Mietelski Photographers: Craig Cutler/Bruce Peterson

Veggie Delight

Though the in-your-face vegetarian sentiment of these POP provocations may not appeal to every consumer, the meat-eaters who steer clear of the restaurant are missing out on these gorgeous posters. Dogs Dig, a Portland, Ore., vegetarian hot spot, uses bold, colorful graphics and silly headlines to poke fun at the carnivorous norm.

Client: Dogs Dig Agency: Moffat/Rosenthal CD: Rob Rosenthal AD: Marc Sobier CW: Hart Rusen Print Producer: Amy Maddux

Offroad Painting

Dentsu has long been known for its gorgeous visual sensibility, but this Toyota campaign reaches a new level with some previously untapped creative talent, including Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Monet. In a series of spots for the Toyota Kluger, a sleek SUV drives through fine art masterpieces, impressing the Mona Lisa and Botticelli's Venus, startling some Dutch peasants, and disrupting a Monet seascape. The CG animation of painted classics comes as such a shock that we're willing to ignore the shiny sheet metal parading through the Dutch countryside or the French Riviera.

Client: Toyota Agency: Dentsu CD: Nukio Nakayama CW: Shunkichi Nakazawa/Jeffrey Keelling Agency Producer: Toshiaki Ito Director: Keizo Kurita Production Company: Aoi Advertising Promotion, Tokyo

Summertime Blues

Blockbuster tackles the dark side of summer with short promo spots featuring the downside of fun in the sun. In one spot, a man wades into a golf pond, where he dredges up his bag of clubs. He extracts a set of keys from within and drops the bag back into the water. "Had a long summer day?" asks the voiceover. "Make up for it with a Blockbuster night." Other scenes include an overextended hose that knocks a barbecue and a planter into a pool, bikes on top of a car that don't quite manage to slide underneath the garage door frame, and a couple of friends enjoying cheeseburgers on a patio. Enjoying them, that is, until they notice an odd crunchiness. "Did you take the plastic wrapper off the cheese?" a woman asks her boyfriend hesitantly. "They were wrapped?" he responds, his voice tellingly muffled with an undesirable mouthful.

Client: Blockbuster Agency: Doner CD: Don Fibich CW: Bryan Hutson/Rich Toltman AD: Mark Cooke/Mark Sapienza Director: David Shane DP: Jo Willems Production Company: Hungry Man Editor: Terry King, STS Editorial

Penthouse Pets

In the same vein as Saatchi & Saatchi's kittie-porn effort for PETA, Mad Dogs & Englishmen takes a bawdy look at animal life and urges pet owners to get their precious friends spayed. The overly cutesy execution makes the raunchiness either discomfiting or hilarious.

Client: Friends of Animals Agency: Mad Dogs & Englishmen CD: Guy Seese/Dave Cook AD: James Dawson-Hollis CW: Craig Miller/Andy Ure

On-the-wall Humor

Coors Light hits a Rocky Mountain comedy high in these funny spots from former Comedy Central director Maggie Zackheim. In one, a young man sits at a bar and forces the beleaguered bartender to walk him through the complicated mechanics of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall." All 99 rounds of it. In another, two laconic cube-dwellers slump over their beers. "I like shopping for shirts," one guy offers up for conversational fodder. A dial on the screen then "turns up the funny" and soon the two geeks are rolling off their seats in manic laughter.

Client: Coors Light Agency: FCB/Chicago ECD: Bob Dreveny CD: David T. Jones CW: Rob White/Charlie Noback AD: David T. Jones/Patrick Miller/Jim Barrett Agency Producer: Ivo Knezevic Director: Maggie Zackheim Production Company: Satellite Editor: Jim Lipetzky, Red Car, Chicago

A Sucker for Soccer

Although the truth is that almost everyone has managed not to be a fan of American pro soccer teams, Hill Holliday puts its most optimistic foot forward on behalf of the Boston Bulldogs with this new print campaign. Refs, medics, and even members of the opposing team cheer for the Bulldogs, apparently oblivious to the rest of the nation's apathy.

Client: Boston Bulldogs/Massachusetts Pro Soccer Agency: Hill, Holliday, Boston AD: Don Miller CW: Eivind Ueland Photographer: David Silverman

Not So Sure

Perhaps in retaliation against those maddeningly confident folks who are raising their hands when they're Sure, Impulse deodorant features some otherwise hip chicks with their arms pretty much glued to their sides. The lovely ladies wave to friends, shake hands, and even dance without ever moving their elbows from their hips.

Client: Impulse Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London CD: Nick Kidney/Kevin Stark AD: Gavin Lester CW: Anthony Goldstein Agency Producer: Susan Vale Director: Kevin Thomas Production Company: Thomas & Thomas

Who's It?

When you have a creative agency working on a versatile brand with a huge budget, it makes sense that the work is good, but Wieden has managed to surprise us again with the "Play" campaign. In "Tag", a young man is swatted on a city street. He begins the chase, dashing frantically around an urban scape in search of the next "It." Passersby scurry out of his reach, ducking and hiding, as the whole city joins the fun.

Client: Nike Agency: Wieden & Kennedy CD: Dan Wieden/Hal Curtis AD: Andy Fackrell/Monica Taylor CW: Mike Byrne/Kash Sree Director: Frank Budgen Production Company: Gorgeous/Anonymous

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