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What a dump!

These print ads for Zoop fertilizer, manure from animals at the Denver Zoo, manage to make animal potty humor subtle and witty. Or about as subtle and witty as elephant crap can ever get. Client: Denver Zoo Zoop Agency: McClain Finlon Advertising CD: Tom Leydon AD: Dan Buchmeier CW: Dan Buchmeier/David Stone Production Artist: Eva Coates

Mock the Vote

Although the connection between voting and eating a Snickers bar is tenuous at best, the animated Bush and Gore characters in this spot are dead-on. A voter enters the polling booth, and the major-party mascots appear on his shoulders to boast about their dubious qualifications.The Bush elephant begins babbling, "My dad was the president," and pro-ceeds to enumerate the familial similarities.The Gore donkey claims to have invented the internet, and when the elephant explains that he wears his dad's pants, the donkey says excitedly, "I invented pants!"

Client: M&M/Mars Agency: FCB Worldwide CD: Charlie Miesmer CW: Wil Boudreau AD: Rick Midler Director: John O'Hagan Agency Producer: Sue Petitti Prod. Co.: Hungry Man Animation: Greg Court, Red Rover Editor: Wendy Rosen,Three Fingered Louie

Fond of Fondling

The thinking behind this hilarious breast cancer PSA is very straightfor-ward, says CD Elspeth Lynn: "No one is more interested in the woman's breast than a young male." In this spot, a young entrepreneur stresses the importance of a breast exam and offers busy women his services as examiner. "I am highly trained and highly motivated," he deadpans, and then the VO admonishes women to do it themselves. Lynn speculates, "There's a reverse psychology to it. The guy is offering to do it and it makes you realize that of course you should be doing it yourself."

Client: Breast Cancer Society of Canada Agency: Zig, Inc. CD: Elspeth Lynn/Lorraine Tao CW: Lorraine Tao AD: Elspeth Lynn Agency Producer: Janet Woods Director: John Mastromonaco DP: Sean Valentini Prod. Co.: Jolly Roger, Toronto Music: Rosnick Mackinnon Post: Smash Editorial

Disturbing Delights

Can a comic book have the power of literary giants like Carver and Kafka? No doubt. As emotionally wrenching as Art Spiegelman's Maus, and as subtly clean as the work of acclaimed Euro-artists like Ever Meulen and Joost Swarte, is Chris Ware's graphic novel Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth. Jimmy goes on a quest for his deadbeat dad, weighed down by what is, to him, a loveless, fearsome consumer society. Ware's visual angles and his gorgeous hand-drawn typography make this hardcover a milestone in the genre.

Author: Chris Ware. Publisher: Pantheon, 2000. Price: $27.50

Punt, pass, blend

In this ad for the St. Louis utility company Ameren, earnest-looking football players turn their attention to home appliances rather than the more traditional pigskin. AD Tom Hudder says the campaign was fairly straightforward. "It would be hard to have a guy hiking a washing machine."

Client: Ameren Agency: Rodgers Townsend CD/CW: Tom Townsend CD/AD: Tom Hudder Production Artist: Evan Willnow Photo-g-ra-p-her: Tim McDermott Stock Photo-graphy: Ferguso-n-/-Katzman

Grape Expectations

If this spot catches on, there'll be fights to get on the Cash Only checkout at the supermarket. The SunTrust credit card earns travel miles with each use - even, apparently, if the cost of the purchase can be enumerated in ha'pennies. So we see an opportunistic shopper make the most of his checkout possibilities by meticulously removing every grape from a bunch, separating each of them with plastic dividers. Lucky thing he didn't buy loose nuts.

Client: SunTrust Agency: West Wayne CD: Luke Sullivan AD: John Parker CW: Terry Doyle, Lara Bridger Dir.: Martin Canellakis Prod. Co.: Hungry Man

Filet with soul

The goal of this Japanese newspaper ad for a seasoning company is to show a "corporate commitment to fish." Though the idea may seem odd to our American sensibilities, which are more attuned to the likes of Charlie the Tuna, we've never felt more inclined to frame a poster of fishbones.

Client: Ajinomoto Agency: Dentsu/Tokyo CD: Kenichi Yatani AD: Taihei Okura CW: Kyosuke Kaneda

Meat Your Maker

This morbidly funny poster for Grimm's Meat Market was, according to CW Jeff Rabkin, born in a moment of desperation. "We had done a whole other campaign that was long-copy," explains Rabkin. "We thought it was funny, but we didn't think anyone else would read it. We wanted to be real honest about what it is they do, and it needed to be quick." Much like their approach to slaughter, apparently.

Client: Grimm's Meat Market Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks CD: Joe Milla CW: Jeff Rabkin AD: Steve Pederson Illus-tra-tion: Stock

Vive la_difference!

Anna Kournikova fans (read: all men) rejoice! Enjoy Scher Lafarge, the Paris agency that handles Eurosport, a French ESPN, understands the devotion born of sports fanaticism combined with the typical male libido. Their tagline promises: "We don't joke around about sports."

Client: Eurosport Agency: Enjoy Scher Lafarge CD: Gilbert Scher AD: Sacha Buquet/B‚n‚dicte Mathieu CW: Pierre-Louis Messager Art Buyer: Caroline Rimbaud Photographer: Thibault Montamat

Screaming Media

A Sumo wrestler type walks into a creepy, stark room and plants himself on a stool. A bald man with a smirk on his face begins to carefully lay strips of duct tape on his heavyset partner's back. With a flourish and a grin, he rips it away while the newly hairless heavyweight yelps and screams. Just when we're feeling like unwilling voyeurs at a seedy S&M_scene, the XScream logo appears to reveal that this is, in fact, a roller coaster commercial.

Client: XScream Agency: Mendelsohn Zien CD: Jordan Mendelsohn AD: Marcus Wesson CW: Mick DiMaria Agency Producer: Brittany Stevenson Production Company: Space Program, Los Angeles

In Denial

GSD&M in Austin created a document-shredding ad that showcases a pithiness rarely seen in the world of business appliance advertising. Though this print piece looks like an everyday corporate ad, the copy illustrates the importance of a papershredder while poking subtle fun at its buttoned-up clientele.

Client: Shred Doc Agency: GSD&M CD: Brent Ladd AD: Brent Ladd CW: Rich Tlapek Production Artist: Heather Segrest Photographer: Peter Rad

This blood's for you

With a whistled "America the Beautiful" playing, all kinds of American prototypes flash across the screen: the mullet-headed trailer inhabitant; the peroxided punk; and jocks in jerseys. As the scenes grow violent (including gamers throwing chairs and beheading teddy bears), the voiceover intones that will bring Americans together to not only play games over the internet, but to give us the opportunity to "cream four meatheads you've never even met." Players and game characters unite to sing the last line of the song behind a bizarre mon-tage that includes an apparently dead crow, which comes to life at the very end to deliver the "Sega!" audio tag.

Client: Agency: FCB/San Francisco CD: Brian Bacino AD: John Benson CW: Ward Evans/Brian Bacino Producer: Tom Wright Director: Pam Thomas Prod. Co: Moxie Editor: Adam Pertofsky, Rock, Paper, Scisssors

Driving a heart bargain

While the familiar strains of "Tombe du Ciel" play lightly in the back-ground, a new C-Class Mercedes drives through a European town, impressing animate and inanimate observers alike. The whimsical effects in this spot include a woman's eyes turning heart-shaped as the car rolls by, and a set of teapots in a shop window giving it a wolf whis-tle. Though the spot is mostly live action, it has the feel of a classic Warners or Disney cartoon, thanks to all the marvelous digital effects.

Client: Mercedes-Benz Agency: Merkley Newman Harty ECD: Andy Hirsch/Randy Saitta/Marty Orzio AD: Bryan Burlison/Mike Rosen CW: Scott Zacaroli, Jeff Bitsack Agency Producer: Chris Ott Director: Victor Garcia, MJZ, Los Angeles Editor: Victor Garcia and The Mill, London Music: Amber Music, London Postproduction: The Mill, London

Amplified Ills

As a man pulls up to a drive-thru fast-food window, his cheery cashier asks, "How are you today?" He groans, then thoughtlessly tells the truth. "I got this cough that won't go away," he begins, and de-scribes his ailments in detail. Unbenownst to the sickly driver, his kvetching is broadcast to the entire restaurant, courtesy of the PA. "Oh, great, now I'm wheezing. You hear that wheezing?" he says pitifully as customers begin to feel a little ill themselves. The tagline promises that the Park Nicollet Clinic will listen carefully to its patients, and in this case, the listening will be voluntary. A rare example of a healthcare spot that we can laugh with, not at.

Client: Park Nicollet Clinic Agency: Clarity Coverdale Fury CD: Jac Coverdale AD: Mark Sorensen CW: Bill Hahn Agency Producer: Jenee Schmidt Director: Jon Francis Production Company: Jon Francis Film

Wag the Bog

In a clever visual conceit, not to mention a refreshing change from the usual beaut on the butte, this mud-covered SUV arrives home and shakes itself off like a wet dog, thoroughly dirtying its owners.

Client: Jeep Agency: FCB Worldwide ECD: Bill Morden AD: Robin Chrumka CD/CW: Mike Stocker Agency Producer: Mary Kondrat Director: Gerard de Thame Prod. Co.: HIS Productions

Funkadelic Fogey

Covad, a DSL provider, disparages old-line companies' assurances that they are equipped to handle high-speed internet communications with this geriatric CEO in a mock press conference. The octogenarian takes the podium and delivers this shaky speech: "Rest assured, we are jiggy ... jiggy with the phat, uh, funkadelic internet life-style and we intend to ... raise the roof." He makes some desperate motions with his hand over his head to indicate the jigginess of his roof raising.

Client: Covad Agency: Young & Rubicam/San Francisco CD: Stephen Creet AD: Mark Bell CW: Katie Barni Director: Erich Joiner Production Company: Tool of North America

Service with a Sashay

OK, so we're suckers for singing and dancing; we confess we actually enjoyed Duets. In these campy spots for Longs Drug Stores, trained actors and (thankfully) singers mix with real store employees to belt out their pledge of good service in some campy but engaging production numbers.

Client: Longs Drug Stores Agency: Pickett Advertising ECD/CW: Bob Dorfman CD/AD: Marc Marvin Agency Producer: Caroline Kandell Prod. Co.: Visitor Director: Dave Merhar Editor: Bob Frisk, Phoenix Editorial Music: Elias Choreography: Michael Rooney

One Smokin' Exhibit

New York's One Club hosts a retrospective of tobacco and anti-tobacco advertising, from the stylish Chesterfield work of the 1920's to Crispin Porter & Bogusky's razor-sharp "Truth" campaign. The "Up in Smoke" exhibit runs through November 16 at the One

Club Gallery in New York, 32 East 21st Street.

Tug o'Wow

A series of tugboats below the GoldenGate Bridge are fastened by rope to the bridge's supports; as they rev up and push through the water, the bridge creaks and groans. The joints begin to move and the straight bridge is pushed and pulled until it becomes the perfect curved course for three Chryslers to strut their stuff.

Client: Daimler Chrysler Agency: FCB Worldwide CD: Bill Morden AD:

Robin Chrumka CW: Michael Stocker Dir: Daniel Kleinman Prod.

Co.: Ritts/Hayden Spectre Post-production: Framestore

Letting it all hang out

We all wait in eager antici-pation for the day when hair loss has no stigma, when men can don and remove their hairpieces as easily as they loosen their ties. This guy is just a little ahead of his time. In this Dunkin' Donuts spot, a businessman sits down on a park bench for his morning break; before enjoying his cup o' joe, he whips off his toupee to reveal a receding hairline. This quirky cam-paign entreating consumers to loosen up benefits from the low-key direction of Noam Murro, who keeps the spots from feeling pre-dictable.

Client: Dunkin' Donuts Agency: Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopoulos

CD: Marty Donohue/TimFoley AD:Tim Foley CW: Marty Donohue

Dir.: Noam Murro Prod. Co.:Stiefel & Co.

Money Grubbing

A new print campaign for Babson College, an undergraduate school specializing in business, appeals simultaneously to the fun-lover and the money-monger in potential applicants. Another ad shows a body surfer in a mosh pit thinking, "This gives me an idea for a new ab machine. One little infomercial and I can change the world." The Babson tag, incidentally, is "Always thinking," a variation on Dreamcast's "It's thinking," pointing up the startling similarities between attending business school and playing videogames.

Client: Babson College Agency: Mullen AD/ACD: Michael Ancevic CW/ACD: Stephen

Mietelski ECD: Edward Boches Photographer: John Shotwell

Black Magic

Camera dollies left, a white dog watches a small black rocket. Repeat, dog panting. Camera dollies left for a final time; the absorbed canine now has a human companion. In this clutter-buster for Genuity's Black Rocket, a back-end developer media services company, the camera work and the dog's palpable fasci-nation create a surprisingly en-gaging spot with virtually no action. Though the commercial fea-tures a small black rocket that represents the company called Black Rocket, it's the folks at Mullen, not Black Rocket Advertising, who can take credit for this unusual work.

Client: Genuity Agency: Mullen CD: Edward Boches/Chris Poulin/George Goetz AD:

Chris Poulin CW: George Goetz Agency Producer: Sarah Monaco Production

Company: Morton Jankel ZanderDirector: Jonathan David Editor: Michael Saia

Music: Stock

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