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When Nouns Attack

BBH has drawn well-deserved accolades for its "Lynx Effect" work, and the new print campaign doesn't disappoint. While previous ads profiled Lynx-scented men pursued relentlessly by women, the latest posters find the men being pursued by feminine objects. For those of us who struggled with the concept of gendered nouns, this depiction of the feminine object as femme fatale could be a nice mnemonic device.

Client: Elide Faberge Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London CD: Rose Arnold AD: Dave Monk/Matt Walla CW: Matt Walla/Dave Monk Photographer: Malcolm Venville

Through a Glass, Thickly

With an eye-popping portrait, this German ad for Apollo Optik glasses quickly makes the case for thinner lenses by transforming this lovely woman into a freakish Kewpie doll. So much for "baby blues"; these suckers are monstrous!

Client: Apollo Agency: JvM an der Isar, Munich CD: Oliver Voss/Till Hohmann AD: Tobias Eichinger Graphic: Alice Hoffmann CW: Tobias Hohmann/Sven Nagel Photographer: Markus Amon

DIY Dentistry

Definitely not ADA-approved: this hapless schmendrick giving himself a root canal (ouch!) may or may not be an apt analogy for corporate executives doing their own tech work, but it sure makes for a fun image.

Client: Infinium Software Agency: Philip Johnson Associates, Boston CD: Hugh Kennedy/Lisa Hickey AD: Carpl Maglitta/John Todd CW: Hugh Kennedy Photographer: Chris Callas

Car Horn

Charlton Heston has nightmares about this exact phenomenon. This beautiful photography campaign for the Raleigh Little Theatre brings an air of sophistication to the rural South. Robert Shaw West, CD at West & Vaughn, says, "People kind of take a pride in the perception that we are not cultured. We enjoy our four-wheel drives and our country roads, but why not show that we have some culture? In the truck photograph, someone has gone out and gotten a little piece of culture and taken it home with them."

Client: Raleigh Little Theatre Agency: West & Vaughan, Raleigh/Durham CD: Robert Shaw West AD: Rob Baird CW: Eran Thomson/Philip Wilson Photographer: Jimmy Williams

Hoop Dreams

A Siegfried & Roy-style animal trainer runs maniacally after unconcerned African game in a field, trying to get them to jump through a hoop. He cracks his whip theatrically, yelling, but gets no reaction and ultimately hangs his head in defeat. This spot for Michigan's Binder Park Zoo is more fun than a barrel of giraffes. Dean Gemmell, Traver Rohrback creative director, explains the thinking behind the idea: "They're big on sort of being an anti-zoo. The place doesn't have cages, it's more of a wildlife safari. We thought that a Las Vegas type of trainer would be the exact opposite."

Client: Binder Park Zoo Agency: TraverRohrback CD: Dean Gemmell ACD: Kent Elliott CW: Tom Blandford AD: Glenn Stevens Producer: Kyle Maurer Director: John Towse Production Company: Hungry Man

Kid 'n' Play

MyPlay, an internet music site, uses a Highlights-esque illustration to show technophobes just how easy it is to download music. We bet they give cookies, too.

Client: MyPlay Agency: Odiorne Wilde Narraway & Partners CD: Geordie Stephens AD: Geordie Stephens CW: Pete Crosby Agency Producer: Sharon Kuerschner Illustrator: Clayton Brothers

Bucky's Balls

The newest little shop that could, David Angelo's David and Goliath, goes the comedy route in a new Kia campaign. In the best spot, a young woman who's let her dog run loose in the park discovers that Bucky has stolen the plastic bride and groom from atop a wedding cake and is being pursued by an enraged mob of wedding guests, led by the seething bride. Bucky jumps in the car and locks the doors, leaving his owner at the mercy of the descending rabble. The woman looks pleadingly through the window at Bucky and asks, "Is this about the operation?"

Client: Kia Agency: David and Goliath CD: David Angelo Associate CD: Ben Purcell Agency Producer: Amy M. Samuelson Senior AD: Ed Schumacher AD: Eivind Holboe/Paul Brunskill Senior CW: Scott Corbett CW: Ben Purcell/Jeff Lang/David Buckingham Production Company: Shelter Films Director: Tim Abshire Editor: Harley's House Sound: Thunder Music and Sound Design

Too Rich to Care

A kindly white-haired suit begins to earnestly pitch his insurance company, mentioning how much they care. Then he falters and can't help snickering while he explains, "Not that we have to, after the year we just had." He describes their amazing success now that they hired "workforce architects" Spherion to automate their recruiting and link their website to the mainframe, wandering off-camera so that only his gesticulating arm is visible. Print ads for this campaign use similarly giddy testimonials from fake executives, with headlines like, "At Bluesky Airlines we listen to our customers. Which isn't easy when you've got money coming out of your ears."

Client: Spherion CD: Alex Bogusky AD: Amee Shah CW: Ari Merkin Producer: Sara Gennett Lopez Director: Peter Darley Miller Production Company: Stiefel & Co.

Turn On, Tune In, Bach Out

With this groovy graphic for the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society, Wisconsin agency Lindsay, Stone & Briggs communicates an un-mistakable vibe even though the psychedelic type makes the copy illegible. Or maybe we're just too high to read it.

Client: Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society Agency: Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, Madison, Wis. Creative Director: Harvey Briggs Associate CD/Art Director: Mike Kriefski Writer: Harvey Briggs Designer: Mike Bass Production Manager: Julie Herfel

Going with the Flow

Any tampon commercial that doesn't feature a white room or that weird blue liquid they use in absorbency demos is a step up, in our book, so we're thrilled that Leo Burnett found an entirely different metaphor for menstrual flow in this simple Tampax spot. A locked-down camera looks out the window during a downpour (heavy days), a sprinkle (regular), then sunshine (light days).

Group CD: Jeff Finkler CD: Mary O'Malley AD: Teresa Menz CW: Craig Shparago Producer: John Pratt Exec. Producer: David Moore Studio: Radar, LLC

A Meeting With Real Depth

This print work for combines an unusual environment with corporate cliches to promote its meeting planning software. Just think, when your boss is wearing a snorkel mask, he doesn't have much chance of objecting to the $100,000 you've budgeted for "gentlemen's entertainment."Another ad features a man analyzing a pie chart on a roller coaster while all the attendees have their hands in the air for that special climbing-the-hill thrill. Headline: "Inspiring you to create better meetings is our business. What you do at these meetings is your business."

Client: Agency: Cramer/Krasselt CD: Marshall Ross AD: Mike Brotbeck CW: Bill Rogers Photographer: Ken Anderson

Catch the Wave

Bottle openers and corkscrews aren't the first objects that come to mind in the category of ocean imagery, but in this Japanese woodblock print that does double duty as an Australian-market Kirin beer ad, the connection seems natural, if not downright brilliant.

Client: Carlton Special Beverages Agency: Young & Rubicam/Sydney Art Director: Grant Rutherford Copywriter: Sassy Havyatt CD: James McGrath

SoCal Sports Spirit

It's quintessential West Coast style in these Nike spots. In one, a group of adolescent guys break dance on the Fred Astaire star. In another, a coach carefully watches his boxing protege - make that protegee - as she warms up in the ring. In the final spot, a group of young guys in street clothes play golf; instead of a golf cart they ride their bikes from hole to hole.

Client: Nike Agency: Wieden & Kennedy CD: Hal Curtis/Bob Moore AD: Javier Castillo CW: Jonathan Cude Agency Producer: Shannon Worley Director: Brian Beletic Production Company: Satellite Films Editor: Sam Selis (Golf, Boxing) Peter Wiedensmith (Superstar) Sound Design: Sam Selis

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