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Torture, Tom & Jerry style

A new print campaign for Amnesty International takes a different approach from the organization's customary straightforward ads, using cartoons and dark humor to target a younger crowd. The eye-catching illustrations come with the explanation, "The real picture was too horrific to show." But these make great dorm posters.

Client: Amnesty International Agency: Young & Rubicam/Miami CD: Armando Hernandez AD: Denis Kakazu CW: Anselmo Ramos Illustrator: Denis Kakazu

Reruns: The Choice of a New Generation

The Martin Agency and TV Land want to welcome the Cleavers, the Griffiths and all their suburban chums to a nice hometown rave. A series of spots for TV Land redo the dialogue in some classic programs, including Leave It to Beaver, Adam-12, and The Honeymooners, jerking them rudely into the 21st century. In one spot, Andy Griffith sits at the table with Opie and Aunt Bea, serving himself a generous helping of something warm and hearty. "Mmm-hmm. Octopus, yellow-tail and eel . . . seaweed, put a little wasabi on it . . . sashimi, Ope?"

Client: TV Land Agency: The Martin Agency CD: Cliff Sorah CW: Bob Meagher AD: Patt Wittich Agency Producer: Jenny Kennedy Editor: George Kelley Post Company: Post Perfect

Monkeying around

The Y&R subway campaign for the Bronx Zoo is clever enough to have weary commuters pacing the cars to see all the ads. Creatives Jeff Maerov and Jordan Atlas went to the zoo to do a little reconnaissance for the project. "We were there the same day as a big class trip," explains Maerov. "The kids were going nuts over the animals, and we got to thinking that these animals are like celebrities or rock stars to them, so we used that idea to create the campaign." We're sure the Mandrell Sisters are just thrilled.

Client: Bronx Zoo Agency: Young & Rubicam/New York CD: Betsy Petropoulos AD: Jordan Atlas CW: Jeff Maerov

Paternity hoot

This spot for the U.K.'s Carte D'Or ice cream begins at a British family dinner, where the oldest son asks his father to pass the potatoes. His grandmother, sitting next to him, says nonchalantly, "He's not your dad. We never knew who your dad was." The rest of the diners look understandably horrified, while the titles read, "There are some things you really shouldn't share." Cut to dessert, where the father (or not) breaks the tense silence by saying cheerily, "Good pud," as he eats his ice cream.

Client: Carte D'Or Agency: Lowe Lintas Director: Nicholas Barker Line Prod: Tim White DP: Henry Braham Agency Prod: Suzi Wilson AD: Dave Christensen/Ali Peaty CW: Lawrence Seftel/Nicky Bullard

Wrists of fury

Another product for the chronically overprepared: a Humvee watch that will survive natural and contrived disasters even if its wearer does not. Perfect for your next stint on Survivor.

Ace in your face

We can only assume he's tired of all those bumpy rides in the Popemobile. Although professional pavers make unlikely comedy-ad clients, Cramer-Krasselt found gold on the blacktop. With headlines like, "Parks are so overrated," this campaign is sure to cause nightmares for Sierra Club enthusiasts all over America. Although it would probably take an act of God to make asphalt top-of-mind for most consumers, this campaign really, well, paves the way.

Client: Ace Asphalt Agency: Cramer-Krasselt/Phoenix CD: Ian Barry AD: Dave Ragar/Scott Niemczura/Chris Wahl CW: Travis Graham/Jason Hackett/Frank Ippolito

No bones about it

We've seen a thousand visual representations of slow bandwidth, but few as arresting as this strangely crablike skeletal hulk from Huey Paprocki. This ad has legs - OK, it has ribs.

Client: Cypress Communications Agency: Huey Paprocki CD: Ron Huey/Joe Paprocki CW: Bob Cianfrone AD: Paul Crawford Photographer: Jim Fiscus

If only Monica knew about these

Licking a lollipop is no longer the innocent activity it once was, thanks to the new "Oral Pleasure" campaign from Chupa Chups, which has the nerve to use sex to sell suckers. The radio spots depict situations in which one person gives another "oral pleasure," in this case, a Chupa Chup. Add the TV sight of this woman torridly tonguing her lollipop in a veterinarian's waiting room full of horny men and dogs, and cigarettes suddenly seem like a wholesome way to fulfill an oral fixation. Or maybe cigars.

Client: Chupa Chups Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas CD: Lynda Hodge and Mike Bales AD: Lynda Hodge CW: Mike Bales Agency Producer: Jeb Schary Production Company: Gerard DeThame Films, London Director: Gerard DeThame Editor: Ian Weil Music: Candle Music

Client: Timex Agency: Fallon/Minneapolis AD: Steve Sage CW: Riley Kane CD: Bruce Bildsten Illustrator: Craig Duffney

Blown away

In a fantasy apparently set in the enchanted Emerald Isle, a gorgeous redhead of a maiden with inexplicably wet hair wanders through the forest, where she is confronted by a fire-breathing dragon - a very vivid visual metaphor for a blow dryer. When the fire has receded, the implacable lass is not only unsinged, she's having a downright great hair day. Fabulous visual effects, top-notch music and sound design, all for a shampoo. It's as rare as a four-leaf clover.

Client: Thermasilk Agency: J. Walter Thompson/New York CD: Ed Evangelista/Chris D'Rozario AD: Ed Evangelista CW: Chris D'Rozario Agency Producer: Darcy Cherubini Production: Quad/Monster Director: Bruno Aveillan Editor: Eve Ramboz Music/Sound Design: Baron & Baron

A new reason to Dumpster dive

In a new spot for the sandwich chain Quizno's, an affluent couple in conservative dress walks down a city street. As they pass a trash can, the woman lets go of the man's hand, peers into the bin, and grabs something. While he looks on nervously, she unabashedly shoves a discarded Quizno's sandwich in her mouth, gobbling hungrily. The VO intones, "Quizno's. It's that good." So why was it thrown out in the first place? It must be despair induced by the declining Nasdaq. In other funny spots, a guy wrestles a sandwich out of his dog's mouth, and another suit steals sandwich scraps from pigeons in a park.

Client: Quizno's Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners CD: Eric Silver AD: Guy Shelmerdine CW: Grant Holland Producer: Natalie Ross Production Company: Traktor

The perfect beach book

The New York Art Directors Club has plumbed its archives to release a retrospective of award-winning advertising of the 20th century in a handy little book. Mad Ave covers a wide variety of work, from Chesterfield ads of 1920 (the year the Art Directors Club was founded) to "Got Milk?" It also includes essays by such industry luminaries as Jerry Della Femina, Lee Clow and Richard Kirshenbaum. A whole new collection of plagiarism-worthy material!

Title: Mad Ave Editor: Jackie Merri Meyer Publisher: Universe Publishing Price: $39.95.

Obsessive-repulsive disorder

This may be the one billionth sports-related spot playing on the theme of extreme fan loyalty/idiocy, but at least it's really gross. For a baseball board game called MLB Showdown 2000, we meet an absurdly superstitious teen whose rituals include wearing the same underwear for three weeks to prolong a winning streak; walking rapidly up and down the steps of his house a prescribed number of times every day; collecting all his toenail clippings in a jar; and drinking an entire bottle of gravy before the game. Don't worry, kid, we do all these things before every production cycle, and as you can see, they work.

Pants on fire

Levi's may now have about as much market share as polyester Lederhosen, but at least they finally have a great campaign, for the new line of Engineered jeans. In four totally rockin' sexy-surreal :30s, Levi's-clad couples kiss, dance and go for a ride on a motorcycle, all shot in a peculiarly erotic stutter-frame style. Directors Siggy Kinski and Stefan Arni created the spots using a cinematic technique they employ for concerts in their alter egos as rock musicians in a band called Gus Gus. "What we were going for was `engineered,' and at the same time something very natural and vivid," explains Arni. The duo hired Simon Scott from Method Studios to polish the look and add animation. Kinski and Arni are very cagey about the details of their riveting technique, but apparently they were willing to let Scott in on it; Arni manages to get in a little America-bashing while explaining his trust in the Method man: "I don't want to be negative toward Americans, but Simon is European. We had a connection."

Client: Levi Strauss & Co. Agency: TBWA Chiat/Day/San Francisco CD: Chuck McBride AD: Eric King CW: Chuck McBride Production: Public Works Directors: Stefan Arni, Siggi Kinski DP: Alex Barber Producers: Ellen Jacobson, Gudjon Hauksson Visual Effects: Simon Scott, Method Editor: Fred Fouquet Music: Gus Gus

Nice 'n' worm

After what seems like years of forgettable advertising, Reebok belatedly discovers comedy, with a pair of outdoorsy idiots who probably needed help tying their laces. In one spot, a hiker tries to save his pal from a snakebite by sucking the venom out of his calf; from a distance they look like they stopped along the trail for a more, um, recreational activity. In another, the two fools wash up on shore and decide they've landed on a deserted island. By the time a jogger ambles by, they have already resorted to eating their bait worms. The spots direct viewers to the online sportswear vendor, where they can get "better advice," - presumably, "Buy more Reebok."

Client: Reebok Agency: Berlin Cameron & Partners, N.Y. CD: Ewen Cameron AD: Julio Pardo CW: Michelle Novella Agency Prod.: Sherri Silver Prod. Co.: JGF Director: Jeff Gorman Editor: Gavin Cutler

Client: Wizards of the Coast Agency: Wongdoody/Seattle CD: Tracy Wong ACD: John Schofield AD: Jason Black CW: John Schofield Dir.: Tom Routson Prod. Co.: Tool of North America

Baby ComeBack

This spot from French agency Enjoy Scher Lafarge begins with a typically joyous occasion, the birth of a child. Well, joyous for everyone but the baby. He emerges from the nice warm uterus to find a chaotic hospital room full of bustling adults, so he turns around and climbs right back where he came from. Immobytel, a French Web service that allows customers to preview rental properties via virtual online tours of the spaces, understands the need to see what you're getting into. They also hope to be the first company to introduce in utero Web surfing.

Client: Immobytel Agency: Enjoy Scher Lafarge, Paris CD: Gilbert Scher AD: Sacha Buquet CW: Pierre Louis Messager Producer: Caroline Rimbaud Production: U-turn Director: Julien Seri

Set to stun

"Hey, Red, I'm dying of thirst over here," an obnoxious customer yells to his waitress. When she appears with his beer, he slips a quarter into her apron and pats her on the ass. "Whoa, somebody's been to the gym," he chortles. After a few more measly tips and disgusting leers, the waitress brings a beer and lets him reach into her apron yet again to deposit a quarter - but this time the slob is in for a shock. A big shock, from the stun gun that she bought with her tips, after pouring all her coins into a Coinstar machine. "Turn your change into something useful," is the campaign's tagline.

Client: Coinstar Inc. Agency: TBWA Chiat/Day CD: Jerry Gentile AD: Moe Verbrugge CW: Mike Collado Producer: Lora Schulson Asst. Producer: Blythe Barger DP: John Andreas Andersen Director: Roenberg Editor: Adam Pertofsky

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