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Cool for 'kats

So a couple of lawyers are sitting around looking at a picture of a meerkat (an African prairie dog) using a drill . . . No, this isn't a bad lawyer joke; it's William Eisner's new campaign for ELF Technologies' B-to-B site, Serengeti. What do the plains of Africa have to do with a bunch of lawyers working together on a secure site? "Nothing," concedes CD/CW G. Andrew Meyer. "It's just the name they gave it, so we had to come up with something that made sense. We went with the `kill or be killed' idea." The campaign runs in legal trade books, The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company. Other executions feature a monkey in a cherry picker and an antelope speeding away from a cheetah with the help of a jetpack.

Client: Serengeti Agency: William Eisner Associates, Milwaukee CD/CW: G. Andrew Meyer AD: Taylor Smith Photography: Nigel Dennis & Allan-Knox Photography

Blood simple

We just love hockey commercials. Everyone's toothless in denture ads too, but they're not half as big a hoot as hockey spots, as a new TV campaign for the Washington Capitals from Hill Holliday will attest. In "Laundromat," for instance, an attractive blonde makes eyes at Adam Oates -- until he opens his laundry bag and removes piece after piece of bloodstained clothing. Now she's shooting him nervous looks, as we cut to Oates slamming players into the boards. In another spot, Olaf Kolzig is having a romantic five-year anniversary dinner. He pours his lady a glass of wine, they toast, he grabs the bottle, chugs it, spits out a mouthful and pours the remainder of the vino over his head.

Client: Washington Capitals Agency: Hill, Holliday/Boston CD/AD: Tim Foley CD/CW: Marty Donohue AD: Eric Peterson CW: Paul Schauder Director: David Veloz, RSA Independent Producer: Tom Foley Editor: Sam Welch, Homestead Post: Lance Goty, Homestead

Double Dee-licious driving

Crispin Porter & Bogusky's animated burger-biting, bodacious babe is back in three new spots for Checker's Drive-Thru Restaurants. In "G-Force," Peter ("Aeon Flux") Chung's Holly is driving down the road about to devour her Checker's Cheese Double Cheese burger, but it's too big to fit in her mouth. Never one to give up, she floors it, getting her roadster up to super speed and a G-force that stretches her mouth wide enough to accommodate this big-ass burger. In another spot, she drives a bad guy off the road, beating him at a near-lethal game of chicken -- in order to steal his chicken sandwich. They have to animate these spots, because with all the high-cal chowing this chick does, she oughta be 200 pounds. Two-forty, counting her chest.

Client: Checker's Drive-Thru Restaurants and Rally's Hamburgers Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami CD: Alex Bogusky ADS: David Clemans & Andrew Keller CWS: Tom Adams & Bill Wright Producer: Sara Gennett Lopez Animator: Peter Chung, Acme Filmworks

Hot type

The London office of M&C Saatchi ruffled the feathers of some stuffy Brits with this poster for online bookseller More than 300 official complaints called the ad `pornographic' and `gratuitous.' The U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority said it was fine, because the couple were reading and "not engaging in a sex act." We think these two should log on to the site and order a copy of, say, Sexational Secrets: Erotic Advice Your Mother Never Gave You.

Client: Agency: M&C Saatchi/London CD: James Lowther AD: Max Landtrak CW: Tim Harris Photographer: Donna Troupe

Who needs gum? You do!

Personally, we'd suggest brushing your teeth, but in the absence of true dental hygiene, a stick of Winterfresh gum is sure better than hot habanero halitosis. Another campaign, for Eclipse gum, which promises to "Zap garlic breath, onion breath, whatever-you-ate breath," comes right to the point. But if you have whatever-you-ate breath, do us a favor -- don't tell us what you ate.

Client: Wrigley's Agency: BBDO/Chicago ECD: Phil Gant GCDS: Jim Hyman & Gail Pollack (Winterfresh) CD/ADS: Elaine Perri (Winterfresh) & Tim Baergen (Eclipse) CD/CWS: Gwen Dawkins (Winterfresh) & Mary Beth Reed (Eclipse) Photographer: Anthony Arciero (Winterfresh)

100 proof vanity

Anyone who's ever gone to a New York martini bar knows that the most important ingredient is a nice shot of attitude. Jim Beam's new ultra premium vodka, Vox, has more 'tude than a SoHo waitress wearing Dolce & Gabbana. The playfully pompous print ads feature a black background, a beauty shot of the bottle and a witty little line in elegant white type. This one says, "Most people can't tell the difference the fifth distillation makes. Let them drink their dirty little vodka." Another reads, "Why do we distill more times than the average palate can distinguish? Because there are 432 other vodkas for those people." This is clearly not Vox populi.

Client: Vox Agency: Young & Rubicam/Chicago CCO: Mark Figliulo GCD/CW: Robert Landa AD: Blake Ebel Photographer: Mark Laita


Cute twenty-something girl is brushing her teeth and watching a nature show on lions devouring meat. Her look gets thoughtful. She goes to her powerbook and the scene cuts to an airborne plane. Next cut, three big guys fighting over some steaks on a plate. Dad says to her. "It's good to have you home, Sweetie."

Client: Southwest Airlines Agency: GSD&M, Austin GCD: Brian Brooker AD: Steve Newton CW: Russell Lambrecht Director: Craig Gillespie, Coppos Films Producers: Jeff Johnson, GSD&M & Brian Latt, Coppos Editor: Doug Walker, Filmcore Editorial

Havin' a ball

Just when we were about to give up on this month's eagerly sought-after rodent ad, this beauty rolled into our lap -- a little girl in a hamster bubble! We were getting ready to order a few as birthday gifts when we realized the ad is, in fact, not for human-sized hamster bubbles, but for Nexcare tattoo bandages. The copy reads, "You can't prevent every scrape. But you can buy a better bandage. Nexcare Tattoo bandages. What the best dressed wounds are wearing. They're waterproof. Dirtproof . . ." But are they hamsterproof?

Client: 3M Nexcare Agency: Martin/Williams, Minneapolis CD: Tom Kelly AD: Melissa Johnson CW: John Neumann Producer: Renee Kirscht Photographer: Shawn Michienzi, Ripsaw, Inc.

Phant-astic Charmin

D'Arcy/London answers the proverbial, "Does a bear shit in the woods?" with an animated campaign to launch Charmin in Britain. The ursine undertaking features a big cuddly bear who sits down with a newspaper and a roll of Charmin. No, he doesn't read the Charmin and wipe with the newspaper. Quite happy with the experience, he hands both props to the next bear. Another spot features an elephant who uses his tusk as a toilet paper dispenser. So now we know what the unicorn's horn is for.

Client: Charmin Agency: D'Arcy/London AD: Roger Sealey CW: Roger Rex Director/Animator: Joanna Quinn, Acme Filmworks

Below the belt

We don't know much about the recording artist Big Kenny, but any ad that mocks sappy sax player Kenny G. is a winner in our book. Jean Robaire, CD at Robaire & Hogshead, says he went with this execution because "for these ads, you normally just slap on a publicity shot and some factoid about the artist with no concept or branding." Robaire also says Kenny is in fact a big guy. "He looks like a huge construction worker." Gee.

Client: Hollywood Records Agency: Robaire and Hogshead, Venice CDS: Sally Hogshead & Jean Robaire AD: Kyle Mitchell CW: Tim Leake

Shoe science

"Runners are scientists," says Fred Hammerquist, CD at Hammerquist & Halverson, about the agency's new print work for Diadora America's Mythos 300 running shoe. Copywriter Cal Mc Allister adds, "I just like to think it's a cat in the tray." Feline vivisection aside, the piece illustrates the importance of the structure and material of the shoe. Along with the actual product information, the faux Latin term underneath describes its purpose. For example, the "EVA Midsole (Bounci Bounci)" and the "Competition Comfort Bridge (Winni d. Raci)." The body copy reads, "Somebody get Darwin on the phone. He's gonna want to see this. Mythos 300. The most significant genetic leap in running since the foot."

Client: Diadora Agency: Hammerquist & Halverson/Seattle CD: Fred Hammerquist AD: Paul Stechschulte CW: Cal Mc Allister Photographer: Hunter Freeman

Even Mikey won't like it

This print and TV campaign, from Pedone & Partners in New York, succinctly demonstrates the perils of plastic storage containers: they retain odors and tastes. We like the fact that along with the artistic presentation of the icky foods, the dishes are given names, as if they were actual menu items. To wit: Shrimp Scampi Birthday Cake, Red Snapper S'mores, and Chicken Drumstick Gelatin. Thank God they didn't make it scratch 'n' sniff.

Client: Pyrex Agency: Pedone & Partners, New York CD: Tom Cook AD: Janice Salicrup CW: Ted Sabarese Director: Irv Blitz, Morton Jankel Zander Producers: George Berger & Matt Pedone Editor: Version 2 Editing Music: Duotone Graphics: Liquid Light


Bruce Hunt, who was the second unit director on The Matrix, has helmed a battlefield spectacular worthy of Mel Gibson for an unlikely product: a videogame console. The sky is a dark, foreboding gray as the warriors take to the field. It will be a bloody fight between the color clans: purple, red, green, blue, gray and orange. Six armies and hundreds of men come together clashing swords, when the combat is broken by a female voice saying, "Billy, which one?" The scene switches to a department store where a skinny dude is contemplating which color Nintendo 64 to buy, via clans of fighting men. Unfortunately for Billy, the bathing suits his girlfriend is holding up for his approval add a whole new level of confusion, as we are tossed back into his medieval day dream -- but now our warriors are wearing competing bathing suits.

Client: Nintento Agency: Leo Burnett/Chicago GCDS: Bob Akers & Ned Crowley CD: John Brockenbrough AD: Darryl Vasilinda CW: Pete Lefebvre Director: Bruce Hunt, Producer: John Kaste, Leo Burnett Editor: Drew Thompson, Winning Post Productions Music/Sound Design: Supersonic SFX: Animal Logic

Court TV

Even anti-monarchists must admit that a stop-motion-animated Queen Elizabeth as the spokesruler for BBC America on DirecTV is simply smashing. In two :30s, she royally defends the various complaints about her country. "They say one's cows are mad. A diabolical slur," she informs us, as animated cows dance madly in the background. The next scene shows her in a dentist's office. "They say one's dentistry is diabolical." She glances back to the bloody mess of a man's mouth in the chair. "Looks fine to me. But the one thing they say that is bang-on is one's television is brilliant." After a VO describes the service, she finishes with, "One wants one's BBC." One also wants more of this campaign.

Client: BBC DirecTV Agency: TZ, New York CD/AD/Director: Iain Greenway CWS: Iain Greenway & Nigel Cole Producer: Phylisse Cook Animator: Derek Mogford 3D Animator: Mike Cushny Puppet Designers: Sam Holland & Simon Quinn

Tour de flaccid

Hey, bike-riding guys! Now you no longer have to choose between fitness and, uh, firmness. Both sexes are probably aware that long and bumpy bike rides tend to put pressure on the unmentionables. But did you know that this pressure can cause . . . impotence? Not to worry. The body copy in this Fizik bike seat ad (no we don't mean what's written on his shorts) tells us, "Fizik twin tech saddles with Y-design use our patented Royalgel, which reduces 40 percent of the pressure exerted on the pudendal arteries and nerves. This added comfort helps you enjoy yourself, on or off your bike." Schwinn!

Client: Fizik Agency: TDA, Longmont, CO AD/Leg Model: Thomas Dooley CW: Jonathan Schoenberg Photographer: Brooks Freehill

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