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Campaign: Earthlink

Earthlink hampsters it up

In its death match with No. 1 Internet service provider AOL, Earthlink has turned to humor to cut through the clutter, stopping short of flying gerbils -- but not too short. While the radio work and the neon orange billboards with phony e-mail addresses intended to show Earthlink's superiority to AOL are good, it's the television that really shines. We admit we're a little biased, since one spot showcases a favorite Website of ours, (yep, there's a `p' in that name). Besides our frantic furry friends, additional :30s show other wacky (and real) Websites; there's (just what you think) and, where visitors can see Titanic acted out by thumbs with faces. The VO in "Hampster Dance" says, "EarthLink. We believe the Internet can change the way you live, work and learn. Not to mention the way you annoy the crap out of the person in the next cubicle."

Now that's truth in advertising.

Client: EarthLink Network Agency: BBDO/West, San Francisco CCO: Ken Mandelbaum ACD/AD: Deb Hagan ACD/CW: Jim Lesser AD: Laura Sweet CW: Shana Barghouti Directors: Mark Coppos & Virginia Lee, Coppos Films Producers: Tammy Smith-White, Jackie Vidor & Ed Adler Editor: Tom Schachte, Straight Cut Music: Brian Banks, Ear to EarPretty in pencil

Now that online cosmetics retailers are shooting up faster than a 13-year-old model at a Prada after-party, distinguishing one Website from another is not an easy task. has a good start with a cool name and this clean and pretty print piece from Ground Zero, entitled "Frosty." Any woman worth her cosmetics bag knows what magic a little eye pencil can perform.

Client: Agency: Ground Zero, Marina Del Rey CDS: Kirk Souder & Court Crandall AD/Illustrator: Gavin Milner CW: Stefani Rao Producer: Amy Laney Product Photographer: Rick ChouBlazing palate

A man is in his kitchen eating a Carl's Junior spicy chicken sandwich. You know it's real spicy by the look on the guy's face after each bite. He takes a sip of his soda and we hear the telltale sound of an empty cup. He takes another bite, looks around, grabs a bottle of hot sauce and chugs it down. The deadpan VO: "If you're going to eat a spicy chicken sandwich from Carl's Junior, make sure you have something to drink." Fine, the sandwich is so spicy that the hot sauce is refreshing, but what really makes this spot for us are all the mouth-watering slurping and crunching noises. Carl's Junior obviously has the best-sounding food in the business.

Client: Carl's Junior Agency: Mendelsohn-Zien, Los Angeles CD: Jordin Mendelsohn AD: Steve Ricker CW: Pieter Blikslager Director: John Mastromonaco, Bravo Zulu Producer: Brittany Stevenson Editor: Bill Marmor, Crew Cuts Music: Jill Frasier MusicHis cup runneth over...too soon

The former Lowe & Partners (now Lowe Lintas & Partners) continues its premium "It's All About the Beer" campaign for Heineken with five new vignettes. The party theme that started in last year's "The Weasel" spot, picks up with "The Amateur." The new spot's namesake opens the fridge and removes a Heineken, which he's hidden in the back, behind a few rows of more humdrum beer. Next, a cool guy casually flips open the butter compartment for his hidden Heinie -- he's "The Professional." Finally another party-goer opens the fridge, reaches into the privates of a turkey, and hauls out two cold ones. Ah, "The Master." In another spot, the old beer-and-babe ploy is dusted off, but it mocks a guy so it's OK. Luscious lady seductively pours Heineken in tall glass -- it's a perfect fit, almost foam-free. Stupid, lust-filled guy takes his bottle and dumps it in his glass -- massive foam overflow soaks him and the floor. That's the "Premature Pour."

Client: Heineken Agency: Lowe Lintas & Partners, New York CCO/CW: Lee Garfinkel ECD: Gary Goldsmith CGH: C.J. Waldman ADS: Simon Bowden & Ralph Yznaga CWS: Steve Hanratty & Kevin McKeon Director: Baker Smith, Tate & Partners Producers: Bob Nelson, LL&P; David Tate, Tate & Partners Editors: Ian MacKenzie & Dave Koza, MacKenzie Cutler Music: Al Green & StockDesign: This book is da bomb

Terrorism never looked so good. Information architect Richard Saul Wurman's new book, Understanding (the U, S and A in the title are in bold), is a collection of beautifully rendered charts and graphs that illustrate all that is going on in America today. Or as Wurman writes in the forward, "This book is a celebration & a visual demonstration of questions & answers leading to understanding. This book demonstrates the power inherent in understanding & the notion that understanding is power." Ampersands are pretty potent too, we guess. This infographic on "Terrorism," by Kit Hinrichs, illustrates perception and reality related to Americans and terrorist attacks.

Author: Richard Saul Wurman Publisher: R.R. Donnelley & Sons CompanyaThat's DEN as in rumpus room

What better way to promote the union of Silicon Valley and Hollywood than with an actual (carnal) union? TBWA/Chiat/Day and animation house Class-key Chew-po have created a cinema spot for the Digital Entertainment Network Website, entitled "Love Child." The :60 premiered on college campuses before screenings of Dogma. The project stars two simple line-drawn characters -- a bespectacled computer nerd and a buxom Hollywood starlet (she seduces him by downing a martini and gulping a cherry, femme fatale-style). The two proceed to have noisy sex -- no dialogue, but plenty of moans and yelps -- which results in the rather quick and graphic (in more ways than one) birth of the DEN logo.

Client: DEN Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, LA CD: Jeannine Chanin AD: Chuck Monn CW: Jeff Maki Director: Walter Santucci, Class-Key Chew-Po Producers: Cheri Anderson, TBWA/Chiat/Day; John Andrews, Liz Seidman & Nathalie Messmer, Class-Key Chew-Po Animators: Ray Smith & Lynn WalshSexier than Sable

At this point, the Budweiser frogs and lizards are so familiar, if a reptile or amphibian offered us a beer we wouldn't think twice. But now Bud's got mammals in on the act, which snapped us to attention quicker than you can say "ribbit." Back at the swamp, Louie the Lizard has a scandalous revelation. His arch nemesis -- a ferret -- posed nude back in the summer of 1979, and Louie is demanding the lewd critter's resignation from "this proud company called Budweiser." To back up Louie's claims, we see a polecat pictorial, which features the ferret on satin sheets, getting his toes licked by a feline, consorting with a rabbit and frolicking under fetish footwear. If that's not bad enough, Louie informs us, "There's one with a guinea pig that would make you pass out." Man, we'd give a whole case of Heineken to see that!

Client: Budweiser Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco AD: Todd Grant CW: Steve Dildarian Director: Tom Rouston, Innervision Producer: Cindy Epps Photographer: Gil Smith Editors: Jay Herda & Bob Morrow, GSP PostPipeline dreams

In a dirty saloon, a crusty patron asks the barkeep, an older yet sinisterly sexy woman, "What beer you got?" She looks at a dusty tap. "Food?" he inquires. She shoves a bowl of peanuts at him. "Anything else?" she asks haughtily. "Hayden's Cello Concerto in C major?" She sneers. "Which performance? Gorski, Piatti or Chin?" He's baffled. "How's that possible?" he asks, somewhat shaken. "Our jukebox has every performance by every artist of every piece of music ever recorded," she replies curtly. The VO: "Could your business use the bandwidth to change everything?" Another spot called "Newsstand" features a second futuristically frazzled pair, this time bantering about books. The woman asks for "Homer's Odyssey in the original fifth-century Greek." The spooky proprietor asks, "Attic, Doric or Ionic dialect?"

Client: Qwest Agency: J. Walter Thompson/NY CD/CW: George Parker AD: Toni Hess Director: Kinka Usher, House of Usher Producer: Patti McConnell Editor: Gavin Cutler, MacKenzie Cutler Music: Jerry KrenachThis product blows

Ever wish you could ref a footbal game, or hail a cab like a uniformed doorman? You will, thanks to BVK/McDonald's first-ever branding effort for the American Whistle Corp. According to the press release, the direct mail and POP campaign "centers around the whistle's heritage in American culture." As soon as we find out what that heritage is, we'll let you know. Another ad reads, "We make the finest metal whistles in the U.S.A. Hell, we make the only metal whistles in the U.S.A." Attention, FTC: monopoly alert!

Client: American Whistle Corp. Agency: BVK/McDonald, Milwaukee CD: Gary Mueller AD: Brent Goral CW: Jeff Ericksen Photographer: Nancy Yuenkel Haute bicyclette

Miami's Crispin Porter & Bogusky has created more beautiful work for Giro helmets -- an unlikely fashion client, on the face of it. Using just the helmets as graphic elements, CP&B emphasizes the various features of the product without getting, well, hardheaded about it. The handwritten copy on "Passion" reads, "For more of the season's hottest looks, go to," while "Breathe" says, "Working towards better vents with every breath." A third ad, called "Beauty," shows the helmets in the shape of a butterfly. The copy reads, "We're more than just a pretty helmet." Beauty and (keeping your) brains.

Client: Giro Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami CD: Alex Bogusky AD: Tony Calcao CW: Rob Strasberg Photographer: Mark Laita

Hypo-active child

If this image doesn't stop you in your needle tracks, nothing will. The latest execution in BBH/London's "Giving Children Back Their Future" campaign for Barnard's, the U.K.'s biggest children's charity, is as compelling as it is horrifying. The copy reads, "Battered as a child, it was always possible that John would turn to drugs." The campaign shows how childhood experiences can blight a future -- and how early intervention can help prevent tragedy. Most of what is seen was added through computer retouching, including dirt, grime and syringe.

Client: Barnardo's Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty/London CD: John O'Keeffe AD: Adrian Rossi CW: Alex Grieve Photographer: Nick Georghiou Typographer: Andy BirdMADD about brew

They may be MADD, but Mothers Against Drunk Driving's new print work, from Clarity Coverdale Fury, proves they also have a sense of humor. In this piece, hipsters dance to the latest grooves. However, the drunk guy at the juke box is about to make a huge mistake -- he's either accidentally putting in the wrong selection or he's so wasted that he thinks it might be nice to hear Celine Dion's theme from Titanic. The copy simply reads, "Do you really need any more proof that drinking impairs your judgment?" Another ad purports to be a copy of the top secret files from the UFO site at Roswell. Next to an unconcious alien is a beer bottle. The copy reads, "A few drinks will impair anyone's judgment."

Client: MADD Agency: Clarity Coverdale Fury, Minneapolis CD: Jac Coverdale AD: Bryan Michurski CW: Michael Atkinson Producer: Terri Herber Photographers: Chris Shehan (Alien) & Joel Larson (Juke Box)

Phone sex

Even if you can't quite make out the type, this provocative visual from Leo Burnett's Lima, Peru, office is enough to give you a basic idea what this ad is selling -- Pay-per-view porn. It reads, "Dial 215-7666 and enjoy instantly the hottest adult movies on your TV. Telecable." Muy Caliente!

Client: Telecable Agency: Leo Burnett, Lima CD: Juan Carlos Gomez De La Torre ACD/CW: Jose Luis Rivera Y Pierola AD/Photographer: Yolanda Curo Should win a coupla Au's

Minneapolis agency Gabriel Diericks Razidlo offers up three simple but clear ideas on the effect the newly expanded Science Museum of Minnesota has on visitors. In addition to this sexy piece, a salt shaker is labeled "NaCl."

Client: Science Museum of Minnesota Agency: Gabriel Diericks Razidlo, Minneapolis CD: Tom Gabriel AD: Matt Johanning CW: Doug deGrood Photographer: Craig Perman

Red meat scare

Joe McCarthy is dead, but chest-thumping American pride lives on in this DGWB Advertising POP display, as well as another that reads, "Eat your hot dogs. Because there are little kids overseas watching soccer and they have to eat kidney pies." Kidneys? God, imagine if a hot dog contained something as disgusting as organ parts!

Client: Wienerschnitzel Agency: DGWB Advertising, Irvine, CA CDS: Jon Gothold & Jeff Payne ADCD/AD: Joe Cladis ACD/CW: Dave Swartz Photography: Studio Arts

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