XO Marks the Spot

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A series of ads for a cafe in Providence has a slinky style that almost makes us want to drive to Rhode Island for a drink. Explains CD Jeff Dahlberg, "XO Cafe is an out-of-the-way bar and restaurant that offers art on the walls that's almost as interesting as the patrons on the barstools. When this campaign started, we aimed to position XO as an elixir for the soul - a feel-good oasis in this troubling world. As the advertising continued, toward the end of the year the campaign evolved a bit. The ads still evoke a soothing oasis, but now also pay homage to the provocative atmosphere of the place."

Client: XO Cafe Agency: RDW Group CD/AD: Jeff Dahlberg CWs: Christine CahillI, Amy Flanagan Illustrator: Max Pfennighaus

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