Yellow Pages Fever

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There is, of course, a great tradition of comedic Yellow Pages advertising, and now Traktor and Verizon are making some worthy contributions to the genre, with the assistance of has-been actor Gary Coleman and has-been car the Yugo, in the "It Could Happen" campaign. In the usual Yellow Pages manner, various products and services are highlighted via sight gags, the best of which involve Coleman inhaling an onion when asked to do a crying scene, and a pit crew taping the driver's accelerator foot to a cinder block as a rocket-powered Yugo wins a stock car race.

Client: Verizon SuperPages Agency: Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners ECD: Rob Feakins CD: Wayne Best AD: Megan Skelly CW: Susan LaScala Agency Producer: Randy Cohen Director: Traktor/Partizan Editor: Dick Gordon/Mad River Post

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