Youthful Exuberance

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Finally, a PSA with nudity and violent death! Unfortunately, it's an AIDS prevention campaign that, at press time, was still in search of a sponsor. The action, crafted by the hot directing team known as Happy: A stark naked young cutie is in the bathroom, fresh out of the shower, trimming her hair with a scissors when she suddenly rushes into the hall, trips over a wet towel and falls on her face, apparently instantly killing herself with the shears. Tag: "Why do we make bad decisions when we're naked?" The fact that this doubles as a don't-run-with-scissors PSA is quite the bonus. In a companion spot, a complete idiot of a naked boy in his kitchen sticks a fork in his toaster and fatally electrocutes himself. Like, rock the volt.

Client: AIDS PSA Agency: DDB/New York ECD: John Staffen CW: James Bray AD: D.J. Pierce Director: Happy/Smuggler Editor: Lucas Spaulding/MacKenzie Cutler

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