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Creativity 50 2015: Banksy


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Banksy Credit: Philippe Huguen/Getty Images

When Banksy's "Dismaland" opened in England in August, visitors flocked to see its gruesome installations.

The so-called "bemusement" park opened for just a few weeks in the summer, but its tickets sold out within days, generating 20 million pounds for the local economy. With obvious nods to Disney, exhibits included Cinderella's crashed pumpkin carriage looking like a scene from "CSI," a model village trashed by riots and the Grim Reaper, and a store offering "pocket money loans" to kids.

As he's evolved from graffiti artist in the '90s to an icon commanding millions of dollars today, Banksy has astoundingly remained anonymous; despite many attempts to uncover his identity, fans, it's said, don't really want to know who he is.

His influence on popular culture has long been acknowledged -- Time magazine listed him in its top 100 in 2010, and his film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" was nominated for an Oscar in 2011. But "Dismaland" perhaps marks the beginning of a new era of his renegade cultural commentary.

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