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The Top 5 most creative brand ideas you need to know about now

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You may have missed this past week's real highlight, when zombies took over our site (it was a glitch), but here are some other cool things to get excited about: our top 5 most innovative creative ideas of the week.

5. We Are Social Paris: 'Ad Cats', We Are Social
Cats become advertising legends in this project from We Are Social Paris. Georgie the Time Traveler is the agency's pet feline, who's been transformed into icons like Bill Bernbach, David Droga, Leo Burnett and Lee Clow in images appearing on the shop's Instagram feed. But what's with all the dudes? We're waiting to see how Georgie does Mary Wells Lawrence, Colleen Decourcy, Cindy Gallop and all the other fabulous women in the industry.

4. HBO/Rock the Vote: 'Your Voice', Mekanism
For National Voter Registration Day, we saw a bunch of folks come out to encourage people to sign up to vote. At times like these, celebrities usually appear in droves in spots showcasing them one by one, in a kind of star-studded, preachy litany. But this time, HBO and Rock the Vote delivered something a bit different. Sure, there are celebrities, but check out what they say this time around.

3. Phenomenal Woman: '1,600 Men', Godfrey Dadich Partners
It's actually been quite the moment for social statements. Last week, the organizations Phenomenal Woman and Futures Without Violence and agency Godfrey Dadich Partners brought together 1,600 men to put their names on an ad running in The New York Times. They joined up in support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford ahead of her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee considering Supreme Court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh. The ad pays homage to a similar moment 27 years ago, when Anita Hill prepared to testify against Clarence Thomas, and 1,600 African American women ran a Times ad backing her up.

2. Dr. David Brill for Congress: 'A Family Defends Its Honor'
The political ads for this upcoming election season have shaped up to be really, really good. Last week we saw Bigfoot, and this week, a stunning ad in which a group of professionals attack Arizona congressman Paul Gosar. It seems like a typical attack spot until you find out they're all siblings of Gosar and they're supporting his opponent, Dr. David Brill.

1. Park MGM '8.2 Seconds', Virtue Worldwide
And at number one, two special talents in one campaign. Siblings Michel and Olivier Gondry along with Virtue Worldwide made this surreal short film campaign for Vegas hotel Park MGM, in which they artfully captured the act of falling in love in the time it apparently takes to do so—about 8.2 seconds. The shorts are also accompanied by striking movie poster-style ads displayed along the Las Vegas strip.

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