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The Top 5 most creative brand ideas you need to know about now

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Welcome to the Top 5 most innovative brand ideas of the week.

5. Hasbro: 'If Monopoly Was Real Life', OMD UK & Treehouse at Jungle Creations
What if Monopoly was real life? OMD UK and Jungle Creations imagine a family, grilled by the cops for dubious dealmaking. Mom and dad wrangle over rent payments while brother tries desperately to roll doubles to break out of jail. Just suck it up and pay the 50 bucks, man. But the real surprise is the identity of the true criminal mastermind.

4. Voo: 'Buffering Wheel', Happiness Brussels
Belgian telecom Voo and Happiness Brussels hijacked the loading screens of online viewers working with slower competitors. While a video buffered, a bit of code inserted by media partners let potential customers know their content could load twice as fast if they switched to Voo.

3. McDonald's: 'The Big Mac: Timeless', TBWA/Paris
McDonald's continues its yearlong celebration of the Big Mac's 50th anniversary with throwback posters from TBWA/Paris showing how we've all changed but the singable sandwich hasn't. The Big Mac has seen us through mullets, bouffants, sweater vests, high-top fades and stonewashed jeans, but the burger is timeless.

2. John Lewis: 'The Boy & The Piano', Adam&Eve/DDB
The much-anticipated Christmas ad from U.K. retailer John Lewis features Sir Elton John, lovingly reminiscing over the keys of his grandmother's piano. Five different actors play the star as the spot from Adam&Eve/DDB winds backward through iconic moments from his life, always at the piano, to that fateful Christmas gift that changed the course of his life.

1. John F. Kennedy Library Foundation: 'Words Count', The Martin Agency
The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library is now using the Twitter handle @JohnFKennedy. As part of a campaign from The Martin Agency, the account is tweeting verbatim quotes from Jack, to show that the words of an American president can still inspire rather than enrage, unify rather than estrange and spur a nation to great deeds.

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