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The Top 5 most creative brand ideas you need to know about now

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Welcome to our weekly rundown of the Top 5 most innovative brand ideas you need to know about now.

5. Street Grace: 'Stop Traffick', BBDO Atlanta
Charity Street Grace drew attention to the 3,600 children who are sold for sex in the state of Georgia each year. A line of 72 school buses stopped traffic in Atlanta to call for an end to child sex trafficking. The event by BBDO Atlanta kicked off with a press conference by the governor-elect.

4. McDonald's: 'The Day After', DDB New Zealand
McDonald's understands its customers. "The Day After" is a plodding homage to the detritus of New Year's Eve festivities. In a spot from DDB New Zealand, revelers put their lives back together as the first sunrise of 2019 blinds their bleary eyes. But Uber Eats is delivering McD's, so the year is off to a good, if slow, start.

3. British Army: 'Your Army Needs You', Karmarama
The British Army wants millennials and Gen Zers, and it doesn't care if nobody else does. Come snowflakes and selfie stars, gamers and class clowns, say posters from Karmarama. Apparently the skills born of being mollycoddled, self-indulgent digital natives translate well to sniper school and disaster relief. Who knew?

2. Pizza Hut: 'Now That's Delivering', Iris
Pizza Hut is taking on Domino's dominance in the UK. As a line of little blue tiles--dominoes you might call them--topples, a sonorous spokesman details the Hut's new offerings with plenty of props and costume changes in a six-part video from Iris.

1. AT&T: 'Just OK', BBDO, Critical Mass, Hearts & Science, Organic, Dieste
Watching unwitting customers settle for second best makes for squeamish viewing in a series of spots for AT&T. Bad tattoos and surgery are the stuff of nightmares, made real by BBDO and a host of other Omnicom agencies. Everyone knows not to buy sushi on Sundays, but don't get an operation on Fridays, either.

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