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The Top 5 most creative brand ideas you need to know about now

Featuring a special cameo from a resurrected Salvador Dali

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Welcome to the Top 5 most innovative brand ideas of the week.

5. Samsung: 'Refrigerdating,' Wenderfalck
Samsung takes the internet of things a step further with "Refrigerdating," a dating service dreamed up by Swedish agency Wenderfalck that lets potential lovebirds pick each other based not on selfies or shared interests, but by scrolling through photos of the inside of each other's refrigerator.

4. The Dali Museum: 'Dali Lives,' Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Thirty years after the surrealist artist Salvador Dali died, The Dali Museum has digitally resurrected him. Using AI image synthesizing software Deepfake, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners superimposed Dali's face on an actor declaring his return from the dead. Fitting, given his last public statement in 1989: "When you are a genius, you do not have the right to die, because we are necessary for the progress of humanity."

3. Barclaycard: 'We Take Business Seriously,' Droga5 London
UK-based credit card Barclaycard and Droga5 London enlisted the Crystal Barn, a purveyor of fine healing crystals. Real-life business owners Clare and Andy tout the convenience and reliability of Barclaycard, while drifting in and out of coherence in a bit that's probably only partly acting.

2. Valuable 500: 'Diversish,' AMV BBDO
Disability advocacy group The Valuable 500 debuted with a smart spoof from AMV BBDO of business execs who claim to support diversity but can't be bothered to put real actions behind it. The jargon and spin is so true to life, viewers will wince before they laugh.

1. Apple: 'The Bucket'
Apple's Chinese New Year spot features an obedient son who gets stuck carrying a heavy, unwieldy bucket. It's a gift from his mother, so how can he refuse? The uncomfortable but ultimately rewarding trek was filmed entirely on an iPhone XS.

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