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The Top 5 most creative brand ideas you need to know about now

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Welcome to the Top 5 most innovative brand ideas of the week.

5. British Airways: 'Made By Britain,' Ogilvy & Mather London
British actors, such as Gary Oldman, Olivia Colman and Winnie the Pooh, wax sentimental over the qualities that make Britons special in a spot also featuring the likes of Jane Goodall. The ad from Ogilvy and Mather London is part of British Airways' centenary celebration. Coming just ahead of Brexit, we're all waiting to see how rough the landing will be.

4. Taco Bell: 'The Go-Getters,' Deutsch

Viewers of this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show are forgiven if they took the opportunity to get some food rather than watch Adam Levine's striptease. But now, hungry fans won't even need to leave the couch to get Taco Bell. A spot from Deutsch features Adam DeVine as the antithesis of the masochistic achievers the gig economy is pushing us all to be. Just fire up GrubHub and be a real person again, even for just one meal.

3. iHeartMedia: 'The Ron Burgundy Podcast,' In-house

Ron Burgundy is back, and he's in your ears, San Diego. Will Ferrell reprises his role as the obliviously confident newsman from the "Anchorman" franchise. This time he's got a podcast, even though he doesn't really know what that is. Like any real podcaster, Ferrell also live reads ads in character for actual sponsors. Take a listen on iHeartRadio, and go f--k yourself, Creativity fans.

2. Nike Italy: 'Stop at Nothing,' Wieden & Kennedy London

Nike Italy features some of the country's best athletes in a heartpounding spot from Wieden & Kennedy London. Beatrice Vio is a fencing fury, despite the loss of her arms and legs to meningitis. The ad also features female sprinters, soccer and basketball stars, a ballet dancer and a motocross champion.

1. Laughing Man Coffee & Aviation Gin: 'Truce'

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been fake feuding online for some time. They were supposed to bury the hatchet and create ads for each other's brands—Reynolds for Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee and Jackman for Reynolds' Aviation Gin. But Hugh doesn't get the memo. The result is funnier than that one scene from "Deadpool 2," and that's saying a lot.

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