The Street Review: Stephen Tesher

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Burger King "Small Talk"

Making a comparison between the love-hate male need for women and the same need for the crispy taco is actually a sensory turnoff. When I bite into a combination of ground beef, lettuce and maybe some cheese in a grease-fried taco shell, I sure as hell hope I'm not thinking of my favorite lady. I don't even want to go there. If you ask me, that's why the guy in the elevator's laughing. Lowering prices to get me to buy a taco from a burger joint - why? Like, why go to Mickey D's for chicken wings when KFC is next door? As far as the claim that the BK menu speaks for itself, it's missing the mark when the menu has to keep inserting itself into other people's conversations. Sure it's speaking for itself - like an annoying party guest who invites himself along as a third wheel on your next date. 2 stars

Mr. Tesher is an experienced fast-foodist and an aspiring screenwriter who works in the hospitality industry.

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