Special Report: Digital A-List 2013

Exclusive Survey: What Advertisers Really Think About Facebook

A Warming Trend Among Advertisers Since Summer 2012

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Last June, in the weeks following Facebook's botched IPO, Ad Age and CITI surveyed marketers about their views on the social network. The big takeaway? While the majority (85%) felt they needed to be on Facebook, only about half felt they needed to be advertising there.

Fast-forward to January 2013: We asked a new crop of 701 marketers and media execs their views. You'd expect sentiment to have risen a little, and it has: More marketers on Facebook say they're also advertising -- 61%, compared with 55% seven months earlier. We also found a slightly higher percentage that said their Facebook ad budget would "modestly" or "significantly" increase, 58%, compared with 56% in our earlier survey.

This time, we asked specific questions about products that didn't exist or were nascent seven months ago. We found very low adoption rates for "sponsored stories" and Facebook's Ad Exchange -- most marketers haven't tried them, which is either an indictment or an opportunity, depending on how you look at it. As you might expect, Facebook's mobile ads are on the minds of marketers: 69% now say mobile advertising on Facebook is "somewhat" or "very" important compared with 63% seven months ago.

Below are the topline findings. Ad Age DataCenter subscribers can download the full survey.

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