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Ad Age Digital Conference: A Video Roundup Featuring Speakers From the Two-Day Event

Here's an Archive of Our Live-streamed Discussions From the Confab

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Miss any of our live-streamed presentations? Here's a video archive to bring you up to speed. Also, you can follow our coverage of the event here.

Day two of the conference:

Bob Pittman, chairman of Clear Channel Media & Entertainment, discusses "Radio's Place in the Digital World." He talks about the role radio is playing in ensuring that consumers can find the entertainment they love wherever they are.

Then, Greg Clayman, of News Corp.'s The Daily, chatted with Ad Age's Media Editor Nat Ives about the game-changing shifts in tablet media. Only a few months out from the launch of The Daily on the iPad, Mr. Clayman discussed what consumption trends News Corp. is seeing and what lies ahead for publishers in the effort to create new emerging media properties and brands.

Ralph Santana, CMO of Samsung, takes the podium to discuss "Mass Marketing in a Unified Media Landscape." In this afternoon keynote presentation, Mr. Santana outlines the requirements for the next generation of mass marketing, and what it means to go "culture casting."

Our last feature: A fireside chat with Arianna Huffington, president and editor in chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, moderated by Ad Age digital reporter Edmund Lee. Ms. Huffington discusses her new role at the new AOL/Huffington Post and how it's changing the landscape of the media world, exploring controversial topics like "The AOL Way," content aggregation's role -- or lack thereof -- in modern journalism, and new-media editorial philosophies.

Day one:

John Riccitiello, CEO of Electronic Arts. In his keynote presentation, Mr. Riccitiello takes you through the rapidly changing gaming landscape, and the content, audiences and platforms it encompasses.

Next up, Ian Schafer, CEO and founder of Deep Focus, sits down with Chris Hughes, a Facebook co-founder and former member of President Obama's campaign team, to discuss his latest endeavor, Jumo, and how the true power of social media lay in its ability to inspire action through passion, instead of soliciting donations.

Then, Wendy Clark, senior VP-integrated marketing communications and capabilities at the Coca-Cola Co., shares insights into the strategy and philosophy behind the brand's efforts to foster meaningful relationships with consumers across the globe.

Our closing keynote panel on Wednesday, the "TMZ Transmedia Brand Story." Since its inception, TMZ has gone from online property to one of the few, truly successful cross-channel brands, but it wasn't easy. This panel will explore the transition and the story behind it. Joining us from TMZ are: Harvey Levin, co-founder and executive producer; Brett Bouttier, general manager; and Jim Paratore, co-founder and executive producer.

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