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You Can Only Really Love Five Brands -- and They're Usually Not Airlines

Do You Work for a 'Love Brand'? Try the Cocktail Party Test

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"Everybody in their head as a consumer has capacity for five brands that they really love," Bob Kupbens, Delta's VP-marketing and digital commerce, said at the Ad Age Digital Conference last month. How important is it to become a "love brand"?

"I used to work at Target and when you went to a cocktail party and you told people that you worked at Target, you know what they'd say?" he asked. "'I love Target! I'll give you a big hug!' You know what people say when you tell them at a cocktail party that you work at Delta? 'I hate you! You lost my bag! You had me on the tarmac for seven hours. I'm going to kill you!' It's different when you work for a love brand."

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Also at the conference, Facebook CMO Rebecca Van Dyck described how the company plans to get people using its new Home app, Eva Longoria explained why smart actors are taking a look at digital platforms like Hulu and Newark Mayor Cory Booker recalled using social media to defend his city from Conan O'Brien.

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