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It's All Digital Now: Find Out What That Means for You at Ad Age Digital Conference

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When we started the Ad Age Digital Conference nine years ago, digital was the next big thing. Now, it's everything -- and everywhere. We have entered the post-digital world.

With this evolution in mind, Ad Age has transformed our flagship conference to fully explore this new, exciting and disruptive landscape. This year's conference features top Ad Age editors and reporters, along with the biggest brand, technology, and media leaders, who reveal what's coming next. Together, we'll set the agenda for the year ahead—before the Upfronts, New Fronts, and Cannes even get started.

Here are some of the hot topics up for discussion:

  1. The post-digital forecast, revealed! The Ad Age community weighs in on the biggest challenges and opportunities in the coming year. We'll debut our findings onstage. Then, our editors shed light on what they found most intriguing about the report.
  2. Story-making vs. storytelling: How can marketers avoid talking at people instead of with them? Leading brands are shifting away from traditional storytelling models to more of a story-making approach, where the brand facilitates and taps into the stories people are creating and sharing with each other. Look at best-in-class story-making campaigns from the people who made them.
  3. The problem with data. If it's true that "90% of data is crap," according to Kraft's Director of Data and Content and Media, Julie Fleischer, how can marketers effectively improve on the ROI they get from their data?
  4. The future of media buying in the provocative panel, "Attention Metrics: Is Time the New Currency?"
  5. Transforming the agency model;
  6. Designing for story-making mobile experiences;
  7. And "Fail Fast Forward"-- a series of stand-alone talks. The path to innovation breakthroughs is littered with past failures. Leaders talk candidly about past fails, what they learned from them, and how they moved forward to achieve even bigger successes because of them.

Our confirmed speakers list already features top industry luminaries, including: Michael Roth, CEO, Interpublic; Eric Hirschhorn, CMO, Burger King; Justin Smith, CEO, Bloomberg Media Group; Sabrina Caluori, VP, Digital and Social Media, HBO; Dan Roth, Executive Editor, LinkedIn; Mike Accavitti, SVP and GM, Acura; Meredith Kopit Levien, EVP, Advertising, The New York Times; Bob Rupczynski, VP of Media and Consumer Engagement, Kraft; Andrew Benett, Global CEO, Havas Worldwide and Havas Creative Group; Adam Broitman, VP, Global Digital Marketing, MasterCard; and Jenna Fagnan, President, Tequila Avión. We're adding more every week, so check in frequently to see who else has signed on.

In the post-digital world, there's so much to learn, and so much to talk about. And you won't want to miss any of it! Register today to join the conversation on where the future is headed. Save 10% with code READER -- and even more before Feb. 27.

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