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Work 2.10.03

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Venezuela's ad offensive

The ad community in Caracas united to create 200 spots to denounce anti-capitalism, President Hugo Chavez and urge early elections (see full story on P. 4).

A gas gauge, a powerful symbol in oil-producing Venezuela, falls to empty as "the government tries to make us poor" then swings back to full with the prospect of elections.

This anti-Chavez parody of MasterCard's famous global "Priceless" campaign ends with a twist: "For everything else, steal from a government fund."

"Chavez vs. Chavez" spots unfavorably contrast the president's promises with his later actions.

Pro and anti-Chavistas find common ground in soccer.

"Failed" is stamped in red over images of Chavez's unfulfilled promises such as ending poverty and unemployment.

Kids draw flag-waving families asking for peace-and elections now.

Rival brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi underline the theme, "We can think differently but live together without violence."

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