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Mary Lou Quinlan, CEO of Just Ask a Woman, a strategic-marketing consultancy based in New York, was asked by Meredith Corp.'s More to contact ad agencies for a very unusual assignment. Agencies were asked to produce ads to convince their peers that targeting messages to women over 40 is a smart marketing strategy. "How to Sell to 40+" appears in the April issue.

The cocktail party of your life (right) is how the Kaplan Thaler Group, New York, believes boomer women view their lives. Art director: Stuart Pittman. Copywriter: Jill Danenberg.

Dimassimo Brand Advertising, New York, believes this is what 40+ women would say if they were asked about advertising (above). Creative director: Mark DiMassimo. Art director: Christian Hosford.

D'Arcy masius benton & bowles, Los Angeles, also conveys the buying power of 40-something women (right). Copywriter: Jeff Weakley. Art director: Jeff Weekley.

40+ women are the ones controlling the purse strings, and as this ad from GSD&M, Austin, Texas, points out, that's not chicken feed (below). Creative team: Annette Simon and Teresa Elliot.

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