George Michael: "Freeek"

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George Michael hasn't been on our radar since that men's room thing, but he's back with a vengeance in a tour de force of an effects outing in which he becomes, among other things, a sex lobster. Though we're sure he gives great claw, we don't know quite what's going on here either, but it's very futuristically busy and the erotic eye candy rules, especially when the ear candy is this stale - the song itself sounds like a parody along the lines of "I'm Too Sexy (For My Crustacean Suit)." Visual highlights include an Asian babe who eats toothpaste from the tube - how'd they know we've been dreaming about this? - and conjoined-twin incestuous lesbians attached at the face. We could've done without the fat man shaving his chest, however.

Director: Joseph Kahn, Palomar/Supermega

Editor: Chris Able

Effects: The Syndicate/ComputerCafe

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