Mushroomhead: "Solitaire Unraveling"

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This must be what they call nu-metal, though it seems kinda old. At any rate, the 'Shroomers look like a cross between Kiss and Slipknot, which is a good place to be, especially when you have potentially wussy keyboards in your band. The video is based around a giant Trojan Rabbit, which is one hell of an impressive prop. What significance it has we couldn't begin to guess, since the singer, one Jeffrey Nothing, sports the usual indecipherable growl, but there's an old man who collapses of exhaustion after dragging the rabbit by a rope. It's all very Waiting for Godot, beautifully shot, and overcut just enough to properly express teen angst.

Director: Dean Karr, The Mine Editor: Bill Yukich, Gotham Edit

Effects: Michael Peterson, Playground

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