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Snoop Dogg

"Undercova Funk"

There may not be a more repellently reptilian rapper than Snoop Doggie Bagg, or whatever he calls himself these days, but this blast of '70s blaxploitation on behalf of Undercover Brother is more fun than watching Fred "The Hammer" Williamson glare at a honky. Rarely has a movie tie-in been a better sell for the flick it's kickin'. The Bootsy Collins funk track rules, and even Snoop's rap is OK in this party mode. This shizzle really has fizzle. Or something.

Director: Gregory Dark, Atlas Pictures

Editor: Scott Richter, View Studio

Effects: Eric Alba, Colorado

Sound Design: Chris Bell & Co.

Beyonce Knowles

"Work it Out"

The '70s revival continues with this Clavinet-driven Goldmember tie-in, in which the Diana Ross of Destiny's Child does a pretty good Tina Turner impression, and she's got better thighs. Refreshingly subtle use of film footage and great psychedelic kaleidoscopic lightshow effects from Riot. This has shizzle and, uh, nizzle!

Director: Matthew Rolston, HSI/Venus Entertainment Editor: Harry White

Effects: Riot


"Baby's Got a Temper"

Didn't Eminem tell us techno is dead? Well, whatever, the guys from Prodigy are back after eons in a video that takes the entire "Got Milk?" concept to new levels of calcium-enriched eroticism. It's not going to match the brilliance of Jonas Akerlund's "Smack My Bitch Up," in which baby really has a temper, but this has its own exotic charms. For starters, the Prodigies are cleverly portrayed as middle-aged management types who suit up in rave-clown gear before they do their show. Or could this really be them in civvies? At any rate, their performance is accompanied by a bevy of manic, sometimes topless bikini babes in a cow-milking frenzy, the fresh moo juice being ravenously guzzled by fans as if it were moloko from Clockwork Orange. No idea what this has to do with the frankly terrible song, but the concept is good enough to dunk cookies in.

Director: Traktor, Partizan Editor: Joe Guest, Final Cut

Red Hot Chili Peppers

"By the Way"

No sooner did Anthony Kiedis cut his hair than he became a wussy. Here he's trapped in a cab apparently driven by Jimmy's brother from the memorable MTV promos of some years ago. Lil' Anthony requires the services of a blue-haired Flea (has he really gotten that old?) to save him, but he does bust out a window for a great cab-to-Jeep leap. Fascinating use of text messaging as an emergency device, should really appeal to the thumb-flex set. The action narrative, frenetically edited with aplomb, sustains interest - the song sure doesn't.

Director: Dayton/Faris, Bob Industries

Editor: John Murray, Nomad Editorial

Linkin Park

"Points of Authority"

This all-CG clip boasts the design cachet of Patrick Tatopolous - production designer on films like Independence Day, Dark City and the 1998 Godzilla remake - but the best part is we get all this eye candy without the usual lip-syncing shots of the band. Actually, there are some lip-sync shots, but it's just the Linkin dudes' animated heads, wearing all this gross facial-piercing stuff, but it's cool 'cause it's, like, animated. OK? The song is standard Linkin rap/metal, and, according to a press release, what's going on here is "a futuristic battle between the band and demon invaders." We thought these boys were demon invaders. Whatever, it all looks marvelous, and the team at Radium really gets to strut its stuff.

Director: Joe Hahn, Villains Editor: Dmitri Gueer Effects: Radium

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