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Alanis Morissette

"Precious Illusions"

Killer split-screen concept: On the right side is Alanis today; on the left side is Alanis back when she was a maid in waiting at King Arthur's Court, the images treated with a sort of solarized sunniness. Or maybe she's just spending the weekend at Medieval Times. Whatever the hell is going on, the split-screen conceit maintains visual interest for the length of the vid, and Alanis looks fabulous, both then and now. The song is a typical heartfelt-folkie Alanis ditty, assuming you can tolerate her mannered style, and as for what she's singing about, ask a 14-year-old girl, all right?

Director: Francis Lawrence, DNA Editor: Fernando Villena, Brass Knuckles

Tommy Lee

"Hold Me Down"

This vid starts out with a shot of a cute little bunny, and we were initially hoping Tommy would stomp on it or something. But the rabbit doesn't die and Tommy turns out to be a very civilized frontman, despite the affront of his well-known front. The song is a very good near-ballad and the video is even better. Tommy's complaining that everyone's holding him down and this is niftily illustrated by his difficulties in getting airborne in a blimp-like flying machine that was no doubt inflated with hot air left over from his former band. First he has a tug of war with a prehistoric musclewoman and later people are rudely knifing his balloon. OK, there had to be some violence, this is Tommy Lee. The graceful air ballet on a starry background is a bit reminiscent of the great Dayton/Faris homage to Georges Melies for the Smashing Pumpkins, and that can only be a good thing.

Director: Dean Karr, The Mine Editor: Einar, Harley's House

Effects: Michael Peterson, Playground


"Here to Stay"

A blizzard of images presented on a television screen is hardly a new idea, but this Korn vid brings it off with a certain Videodrome panache, thanks to gritty pirate TV-style footage of the band and a healthy helping of nasty docu excerpts from riot news footage, predatory animal attacks and surgery films. (Love the heart removal!) The story seems to be something about a kid who's sucked into the video maw due to image overload, and the song is kinda wimpy - like niblets Korn - but after the rerelase of Tron, why not Trinitron?

Director: The Hughes Brothers, Oil Factory Editor: Dustin Robertson, AvidDiva Effects: Ring of Fire

Chemical Brothers

"The Test"

Would that Jacques Cousteau lived to see the beginning of this clip, in which a chick, without benefit of oxygen, swims with a whale and hangs with psychedelic jellyfish. She soon leaves the water, but the strangeness is intact. She has smoke effects in her fingers, she reverse-hurls some kind of liquid, she has intermittent flashbacks of what appears to be a sinister beach scene . . . hey, is this a druggie kinda vid? From this band? Get outta here! Great editing, great effects (both from Brit companies) and the song stinks, but - surprise! - you can dance to it.

Director: Dom & Nic, Oil Factory Editor: Simon Hilton, Metropolis Effects: Smoke & Mirrors

The Vines

"Get Free"

These neo-Nirvanaesque Aussies rock something fierce and so does this refreshingly low-key vid, in which Roman Coppola betrays none of the vaunted excesses of his daddy. The group is ostensibly performing outdoors with only banks of lights as a set, during a massing thunderstorm. Increasing bolts of lightning eventually result in a series of mini explosions that appear to decimate the band, but this is all handled very matter-of-factly, complemented by a brilliantly relaxed edit. Rain hats off to A52 for seamless effects.

Director: Roman Coppola, The Directors Bureau Editor: Jim Haygood, Spot Welders Effects: A52

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