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The White Stripes:

"Fell in Love With a Girl"

The pair of semi-reputedly incestuous lovers (not too cool!) who are the White Stripes may play garage rock, but this ain't no garage video. It's like the concert video of the future. According to the production company, it's stop motion, derived from a live-action shoot whose images are digitized via special software that creates a Lego look. Then each frame of the film was built with real Legos, in a two-month process that involved a team of 20 assemblers, and stop frames were shot. Not only is this a superb video - as if we'd expect anything less from Michel Gondry - it's possibly the greatest product placement of all time. If this isn't in the running for Video of the Year, you can break our Tinkertoy sex hut.

Director: Michel Gondry, Partizan Editing/Effects: Twisted Laboratories

Godsmack: "I Stand Alone"

Too bad The Rock wasn't a star in time to star in The Rock. This guy's as big as Alcatraz and so much cuter. Have you ever seen a wrestler look this good in combat boots and tiny stretch briefs? And now with those extensions, he's even more adorable! And too bad the Scorpions aren't around for the soundtrack of The Scorpion King, but Godsmack'll have to do. The tune is what passes for a standard hard-rock bellow nowadays, but at least we don't have to see the flick now that we've seen the vid, which integrates its movie promo elements quite ingeniously. Head Smacker Sully Erna even gets to handle a sword, and we love the Ray Harryhausen shtick with the fighting skeletons. As tie-in vids go, this, uh, really rocks.

Director: The Brothers Strause, Clever Films Editor: David Checel, Film Cove Effects: Pixel Envy

Incubus: "Warning"

A great neo-grunge tune with an intriguingly fuzzy narrative, cleverly propelled by subtitles, and a visual chick-screaming hook that makes the caterwauling in Run Lola Run look like a whimper. The song is apparently about the importance of enjoying life while you can - OK, we cheated, we checked on the web - hence lyrics like, "Floating in this cosmic Jacuzzi/We are like frogs oblivious/To the water starting to boil." We just have the ordinary bathtub that we can't really fit in, but it's an inspiring message anyway. At 10:24 on Day 3 there appears to be a Rapture of some sort, but nobody's clothes are left behind. Whatever the hell's going on, it makes for an uncommonly fine vid.

Director: Francis Lawrence, DNA

Editor: Marc Webb Effects: Pixel Envy

Moby: "We Are All Made of Stars"

It's great that Moby is a nice, articulate vegan with a shaved head, but he needs to bulk up a little. He makes Beck look like Ahnold. So he wisely spends this vid in a space suit. The song here might as well be cosmic elevator music, but the beautifully shot vid boasts a marvelous Hollywood conceit, featuring an assortment of has-beens and never-wases, like Kato Kaelin, L.A. billboard slut Angelyne, porn-pudge Ron Jeremy, Vern Troyer (Mini Me, micro career), Gary Coleman (ex-celeb, still a midget) and Corey Feldman, who is suavely licking a cellphone. There are also some folks on hand with slightly more promising careers, like Tommy Lee, Dave Navarro and Thora Birch, though if Tommy's made of stars they all went to his groin.

Director: Joseph Kahn, Palomar Supermega

Editor: David Blackburn Effects: Eric Durst

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