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Macy Gray: "Sexual Revolution"

This is not brand spanking new, but we can't overlook it 'cause it's brand spanking brilliant. The visual conceit is we're looking at extreme dating service videos, with a wild assortment of horny people of all genders, sizes, colors and sexual orientations-"Serious reptiles only" reads one blurb - strutting their stuff for the camera. We cut among a group of prospective dates, all of whom get progressively more out of control as they reappear in the perfectly paced edit. This is intercut with Macy singing in the studio with the usual group of Gap-like dancers, but these scenes are wisely given a backseat to the raunchy video singles action. This is so good, it could be an MTV reality TV series, if it isn't already. Hot- datin' Dayton/Faris does it yet again.

Director: Dayton/Faris, Bob Industries

Editor: Haines Hall, Spotwelders Effects: Pixel Envy

Rob Zombie: "Never Gonna Stop"

A tie-in with the undoubtedly wretched remake of Rollerball, but the video is an homage to the milk bar in Clockwork Orange. No idea why, but any reference to Stanley Kubrick is OK with us. Mr. Zombie is quite the artiste for a guy who looks like he's been homeless since 1981. Never mind a milk mustache, he's got the whole beard. There's plenty of decadent dairy action here, sort of like a "Got Milk?" commercial made by someone with a severe lactose intolerance. The artistic use of letterboxing is a nice touch; even the mandatory shots from the movie work, since they're all just people and motorcycles bashing into things. The song is on the distinctly plodding side, but let's not ever make the mistake that music vids are about music, OK?

Director: Rob Zombie, FM Rocks

Editor: Jeff Selis, The Cutting Room

Dog Fashion Disco: "Leper Friend"

As mentioned in the Dec./Jan. Photography column, porn-again shooter Carlos Batts' debut music video is complete, and it's had sufficient naughty parts excised for airing. Hence we're here to put it in our personal buzz bin. It's still loaded with outre imagery, of course - there may even be a leper in there, it's hard to tell. The song is not terribly catchy, but neither is leprosy, thank God. Batts' sinister-surreal style is strangely contagious, however; there are masked wrestlers, a man with devil horns, faces wrapped in gauze, a tattooed female bodybuilder and a general air of menacing decay. The schizoid editing works like a demented charm.

Director: Carlos Batts, C. Batts Fly Productions

Editor: Greg Lewolt Effects: Seaton Lin

Slayer: "Bloodline"

Lotta blood here, which is nice; it runs down chains, the walls, coats the floor and even the band. But a Hullaba-grue does not in itself a great video make. However, when a kitten is lapping up the blood and a teddy bear is dragged through the sticky mire, we're impressed. Add inexplicable quick cuts of the really nasty-looking Slayer dudes wearing suits, then throw in a virginal Catholic school girl getting the Eucharist from a priest, who later apparently hangs himself, and we're sold. Great slow-strobe lighting, great editing that's twisted but not intrusive. Even the song is pretty good. We can't get that "I'm going to kill you in your dreams" refrain out of our head, we've been humming it all week.

Director: Evan Bernard, Production League of America

Editor: Bill Yuckich, Gotham

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