Sheryl Crow: "Soak Up the Sun"

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In celebration, we presume, of the first true global-warming non-winter, the divine Ms. Crow releases a quintessential summer single in spring, with a nice retro "Who ever heard of skin cancer?" theme. The song has killer hit written all over it, and Sheryl, striking what looks like a pose from the Kama Sutra in the back of a VW minibus, is enough to make grown men weep. A series of very pretty freeze frames disintegrating in sepia shards are the only cool effects, but the vid begs intriguing questions like, Does Sheryl surf? Does she cliff dive? There are Sheryl-like hotties doing these things, somewhat ambiguously photographed. Whatever, watching her supinely gyrate on the beach, we can almost forgive her for even touching Kid Rock with a stick.

Director: Wayne Isham, A Band Apart

Editor: Scott Richter, View Studio Effects: Radium

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