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Anthony Atanasio_ Identity

We're hoping to see much more from this visual master, who gracefully parlayed his experience from the art film world into spots. He views the world from a new angle on Eurovia, brings romantic charm to JanSport and, elegantly shepherds in a cavalcade of young Marios for a recent Nintendo blockbuster.

Michael Chaves _ Seed

This two-time Student Clio winner already shows considerable comedic and visual prowess, giving personality to stoves for Charbroil and stitching twisted tales for Zippo. He even makes eye candy out of a fireproofing spot, via an army of flame creatures stymied in their fire-raising shenanigans.

Ruben Fleischer

_ Smuggler

This video director brings a lo-fi freshness to the screen, with disarmingly charming clips for DJ Format, featuring a talented crew of breakdancing furries, a wacky video for Electric Six, and, if you can stomach it, a crudely comedic toilet paper spec spot.

Jake and Jim _ HSI

Former editors James Canty and Jake-Sebastian Wynne combine comedy and effects in a reel that can easily entertain even after repeat viewings. A campaign for The Observer departs from the usual sports cliches with wacky scenarios from the field, featuring a Vaudevillian goalie and a cricket player who literally becomes the ball. There are equally impressive package goods feats, for Nescafe, Wall's Balls and Vigorsol.

Ben Mor _ Smuggler

In the music scene, Mor's probably best known as Benyad, formerly of the Eazy-E-mentored Jewish rap group Blood of Abraham. His rep is now steadily building in the directing world, with a visually compelling clip for Tech N9ne, as well as groovin' spots for Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and Modernista's MTV "We're Watching" campaign.

Terry Rietta _ Villains

Writer/director Rietta already boasts an impressive filmic sense on his reel, with an incredibly rich, classic storytelling style on spots for Olympus and the Mill Valley Film Festival, the latter which he also wrote. His eye for casting is spot-on, and the gangly kid dancer in one promo for the film fest should not be missed.

Smukler/Samuels _ Epoch

Twisted doesn't even come close to describing the work of this pair, who brought a sexy sheen to Olive Oil in Goodby's Caroliva campaign, in which a Fabi-esque hunk gives cabbage a nearly pornographic rubdown. Other highlights include a less than perfect couple's warped love story, for clothing line OK47.

TashA & Tanya Michaels _ Large

These sisters and Royal College of Art grads have plenty to offer to the commercials scene, as evident on the fresh creative perspectives on their reel. Their short "Tuesday 9:52 am" interplays skills in both still and moving imagery and an impressively effected spec clip for Layo & Bushwacka gives a whole new meaning to "land shark."

Laurence Thrush _ Headquarters

Thrush tailors things to our liking on spec work for British clothiers Mark Powell and Timothy Everest, which demonstrate an impressive range of taleweaving skills, from dialogue to visual. Humor and intrigue also shine in his sturdy body of PSA projects, as on spots for Citizens against Steroids and the National Coalition against the Death Penalty.

Francois Vogel _ Tool of North America

French video artist and filmmaker Vogel painted a new face onto the already stunning work of HP when he brought a spectacular cubist treatment to live action, on Goodby's recent spot set to The Cure's "Pictures of You." The director also recently updated a classic scenario, introducing fresh morphing techniques to Peter Gabriel's face in the imaginative "Growing Up" clip.

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