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"I like sex," says Armando Bo. Not a shocking revelation from a 25-year-old, but this one gets to channel his urges onto film, in lusty work for the likes of Sico condoms, including one spot which quietly interchanges titillating scenes of a man and woman contemplating various positions, and another for Axe, featuring a randy lad who plans to use his deodorant spray as babe bait. Recently, the Argentinian-born director shot another spot featuring a geeky tennis instructor who mysteriously magnetizes the hotties on court, thanks to his VW, which took home the Lapiz de Oro, Latin America's equivalent of One Show Gold. As for the flesh fixation, if you Google Bo's name, you'll launch a stream of links to Argentinian '60s softcore classics like Naked Temptation and Fuego. But he can't take credit for those, which are actually the work of his grandfather. "In Argentina my name is synonymous for soft porn," he laughs. "People say that film is in my blood, but I don't believe it." Turns out the young Bo, newly signed to Anonymous Content, never did get a chance to attend a production with gramps. He did, however, grow up on the set with his father, a former actor who starred in some of Armando senior's films before becoming a film and TV producer. Bo junior went on to pay his own dues as a P.A. and as a film student in New York before returning to Argentina to work as an A.D. He became a full-fledged director three and a half years ago, and since then he's built the reel of an experienced storyteller with a flair for nuanced exposition, whether it inspires lust-or laughs. Bo's unabashedly sultry work also happens to be equally infused with humor, another key ingredient of the stories he likes to tell. Currently, the director is shooting a Latin American Coca-Cola spot, featuring a crafty rockstar wannabe who gets a life through the objects hurled at him during his performances. His prior jaunts include a tale of a groggy young buck who goes through his morning routine using various objects in counterintuitive ways: his toast pops out of a pair of boots; he changes the channels on the TV with his squirming goldfish, in a spot promoting a phone card that doubles as a CD. There's also Bo's favorite, for Rexona deodorant, featuring a straight-faced soccer referee who goes through an entire game with his arms plastered to his sides in an attempt to protect his sensitive pits. Aside from the sex, "without the humor I'm nothing," Bo says. "For me it's everything. If you don't laugh, you don't live."(
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