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The non-stop buzz sparked by Susan Rosenberg helped the Rolling Stones score the highest average ticket price for the top 100 tours of 2003. Tickets for the Stones' Licks World Tour went for an average of $158.17 last year, outshining everyone from classic acts like Simon & Garfunkel to new-time rapper 50 Cent.

"The Stones have a very large vision. They are the best and biggest at doing what they do," says Ms. Rosenberg, VP-tour marketing at Clear Channel Entertainment. "We never stop marketing, from first launch till the tour is done, and we always keep the buzz going."

And, she notes, "With the concert industry, you don't get a second chance. You have to be as big and entertaining as possible to cut through all the clutter out there in the media."

The Stones pulled an overall ranking with Pollstar of No. 14 on the roster of 100 top tours for 2003, with a $38.5 million gross.

The tour, marking four decades of Stones music, enjoyed a feeling of old-friends-reunited, new-friends-to-be-made camaraderie with fans-and marketing reflected that. "Stones' audiences can be made up of three generations," notes Ms. Rosenberg, a veteran of tour marketing.

"So in big cities, the Stones choose three different venues-an arena, a stadium and a theater," she says. "For the theater's intimate setting, tickets are $50, although there are $300 tickets for an arena in New York."

As to her personal marketing wiles, Ms. Rosenberg, 45, prefers to take a modest stance, saying, "The Rolling Stones already have a lot of things in place promotionally."

But part of the marketing sizzle in which Ms. Rosenberg took a personal hand was the use of two airships, festooned with neon-colored lips, that cruised over major markets across the U.S., sparkling in the sunshine and aglow at night. "The colors are always bright," says Ms. Rosenberg.

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