From podcasts to publisher connects

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TV promos, once a mainstay for launching new series, are now just one of many tactics used to rope in viewers.

1 On air

CBS is running spots on Viacom channels such as Comedy Central to bring in younger audiences. It�s also embedding Chevy Impala logos into five premiere -week shows as part of a promotion with General Motors Corp.

2 Online

For reality series "The Biggest Loser," NBC is working with publisher Rodale for content. Show/site are sponsored by 24 Hour Fitness.

CBS and Fox have bought keywords online from Yahoo and Google to bring traffic to their ad-supported sites.

ABC created a series of Web sites for "Lost," including, the name of the fictitious airline in the series.

CBS has created a competition to select a DJ to host a podcast previewing network shows in partnership with Infinity radio.


NBC is offering free previews to cable system operators as part of VOD programming selection.

4 TiVo

All networks are part of the advertiser showcase preview section.

5 Guerrilla marketing

After three years of talks, CBS finally scored a deal to place ads for its shows on AquaCell water coolers.

NBC set up floating billboards at beaches in major markets for thriller "Surface."

Fox promoted "Prison Break" in tattoo parlors and offered head shaving.

6 Phone promotions

ABC has set up a toll-free phone line to promote "Boston Legal."

7 Viral

NBC is working with Gracehill Media to target local church groups to perform "random acts of kindness," and to also hand out dollar bills with stickers promoting "Three Wishes," starring Amy Grant.

8 Airlines

UPN screened the pilot episode of "Everybody Hates Chris" on American Airlines for up to 5 million passengers.

DVDs of the show are also being given out to cinema goers on weekends and Entertainment Weekly subscribers.

9 Public relations

ABC screened "Commander in Chief" around Washington, D.C. The network says it is considering ways of getting potential presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton involved through PR outreach.

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