Hispanic Creative Ad Awards 2008

Direct Marketing Winners

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La Aventura
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Client: Qwest Communications
Agency: Aspen Marketing Services

MARKETING CHALLENGE: Qwest, facing declining profits and tough competition from cable companies for internet and phone customers, wanted to position itself among Hispanics as the main provider for all communication and entertainment needs.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: With many products to promote, Aspen created a vibrant mini-brochure in the form of a comic book starring Hispanic TV celeb Claudia Molina. The insight is that it's important to be a hero to other family members. She describes ways to bring the family together using different Qwest services.

"It's an excellent use of a well-known celebrity and a comic-book-like format," says judge Michael Saray, president of Michael Saray Hispanic Marketing. The final sales rate -- the percentage of callers who bought the product -- was 17.77%, compared with 7% for Qwest's direct-marketing campaign for the general market, says Jon Winter, Aspen's creative director.

~Laurel Wentz

Client: Sprint
Agency: Vidal Partnership
New York

It's hard to resist the temptation to unwrap a gift. If the gold bow isn't enough, Sprint entices you to enter this bilingual piece with the appeal: "We give you the best because you are really special." Inside, tempting phones pop up. The result: 48% more upgrades than projected, at a below-average cost per upgrade.

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