Hispanic Creative Ad Awards 2008

Non-Traditional Winners

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Client: Toyota Motor Sales USA's Tundra
Agency: Conill
Los Angeles

Did you ever wonder what makes the vehicles on the platforms at auto shows rotate? A TV screen built into such a platform "reveals" the secret: A really strong guy underneath pushes the turntable that rotates the Tundra truck above. Toyota's message: "A truck should be as strong as the man who drives it."

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Not Knowing
Client: Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
Agency: Arteaga & Arteaga
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Chic T-shirts with colorful patterns were distributed to nightclub-goers and quickly became coveted fashion items. Recipients were shocked when it was revealed that the shirt designs depicted an HIV cell. The idea: You could have it and not know it. The goal was to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS; testing increased 60.2% year-on-year after the stunt.

Client: Chevron (Breast Cancer Awareness)
Agency: Bravo Group
New York

Hispanic women tend to be diagnosed later in life with breast cancer, with fatal consequences, because of a stigma attached to touching or talking about their bodies. Chevron's "Esta en Tus Manos" program urges Latinas to take matters into their own hands with a self-exam. In a Los Angeles pilot program, little hand-shaped stickers with the words "Why the fruit and not your breasts?" were put on melons to connect with women who routinely squeeze fruit before they buy it. More than 300 women registered at chevroncontraelcancer.com for a Breast Cancer Awareness lunch, and the L.A. sticker program will move into five more Hispanic markets this year.

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