Hispanic Creative Ad Awards 2008

TV Gold Winners

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Client: Global Tax
Agency: Elevation
Category: Financial Services

MARKETING CHALLENGE: Global Tax has a clientele that's about 50% Hispanic and needs urging to come in during tax season.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: Global Tax is the hero who defends taxpayers against the IRS threat. Each spot opens with the book cover "Tales of Taxes and Terror" and tells a different story in black-and-white animated sketches of an innocent taxpayer who calls Global Tax -- and a crusader turns up. The hero nimbly fights off a money-sucking IRS vampire, slays the monster of a thousand tax forms and jousts with the horsemen of overdue taxes.

Rodolfo Hernandez, Elevation's chief creative officer, points out several key elements: The campaign used the English word "taxes," as Hispanics do. And Hispanics often take their kids along to the tax preparer's office, so Elevation provided coloring books with the campaign's characters.

~Laurel Wentz

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Client: Clorox Co.'s Pine-Sol
Agency: Dieste Harmel & Partners
Category: Household Products

MARKETING CHALLENGE: Clorox had to persuade the demographic the company calls the "Hispanic Extreme Cleaner" that Pine-Sol cleans floors better than rivals such as Colgate-Palmolive Co.'s Fabuloso.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: Dieste demonstrates what happens when a Hispanic woman uses the wrong cleaning brand. In the spot, a teenage girl at a family dinner gets too playful under the table with her boyfriend. When the kid gets up, we see that the thighs of his white pants are covered in dusty, dirty prints from the girl's feet. But it's the mother, not the daughter, who's ashamed, because her floor hasn't been washed with Pine-Sol.

"The commercial is funny, but it goes way beyond a mere joke," says Tony Gerst, VP of Clorox's multicultural-marketing division. "Its message comes directly out of our insight." After the spot aired, the brand's share numbers kicked up "notably."

~Laura Martinez


Client: Cyloop
Agency: La Comunidad
Category: Entertainment/Media

MARKETING CHALLENGE: Who's ever heard of Cyloop, a unit of Hoodiny Entertainment Group?

CREATIVE SOLUTION: La Comunidad came up with an offbeat branding campaign to introduce Cyloop, an online music community that connects artists with their fans. "Pants" is the funniest of five spots parodying the excessive behavior of performers in different musical genres. In "Pants," a hip-hop star gives a proud tour of his extravagant home as his fashionably loose and low-cut trousers slide down his body until he trips and tumbles, fatally, down his imposing staircase. Tagline: "Some artists don't last long. Enjoy them while they're here."

Fame is fleeting in the other executions, too. Cyloop also won Silver for the campaign and the individual spot "Bus," in which the star of a Spanish band tells his bandmates they're losers and flounces out the door to find success on his own, forgetting he's traveling on a fast-moving tour bus.

~Laurel Wentz


Client: California Milk Processor Board
Agency: Grupo Gallegos
Long Beach, Calif.
Category: Food

MARKETING CHALLENGE: Hispanics in California already drink milk, so to boost sales, the processor board had to find a new reason -- or occasion -- for Hispanic moms to drink milk.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: Grupo Gallegos' research offered this insight: While milk is proven to reduce PMS symptoms, core Hispanic consumers believed that milk had the opposite effect. So the agency crafted a fairy-tale-like story of a witch who once a month terrorizes an entire town -- until she drinks milk and is transformed into a beautiful woman, eager to help others. Tagline: "Proteins in milk help reduce premenstrual symptoms."

"Latinas tend to think they know everything about milk," says John Gallegos, principal of Grupo Gallegos. "But many didn't realize the benefits of [milk] in something so taboo like PMS symptoms." Mr. Gallegos says the "Bruja" ("Witch") spot made "significantly more [Hispanic] consumers" aware of that quality.

~Laura Martinez

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