Hispanic Creative Ad Awards 2009

Integrated/Multimedia Winners

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"CableLatino" Campaign
Client: Comcast

MARKETING CHALLENGE: Hispanics are huge consumers of entertainment, but they had to be convinced to buy a Spanish-language cable package rather than muddling through watching English channels they might not fully understand.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: Grupo Gallegos had this simple but brilliant insight that became the TV campaign's tagline -- "If you don't see TV in your language, you miss a big part of the story." The spots "Most Wanted" and "Food" featured English-speaking newscasters warning about a terrible danger -- a dangerous escaped criminal and lethally contaminated food. But Spanish-language subtitles hid the vital information, a photograph of the fleeing felon and product shots of the poisoned products.

At first, no radio was planned for such a visual idea. Inspiration struck, and the radio spots feature dramatic situations, like war, with all the characters reading the punctuation marks as part of their dialog to make the point that TV subtitles kill the emotion.

-- Laurel Wentz

Advertising Age Embedded Player

Advertising Age Embedded Player

Client: Centennial PR
Agency: JWT San Juan

Puerto Rico's Centennial wireless company says that the most important thing in a singing contest is singing well, and for a cell phone company, it's all about voice quality. That's why JWT in San Juan came up with a singing contest conducted entirely over the phone. Candidates -- 4,000 of them -- auditioned by singing over their phones. The voting public never saw their faces, and cast 100,000 votes based on voice alone, and set the winning Phone Star on a path of celebrity appearance and recording deals.

-- Laurel Wentz


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