Hispanic Creative Ad Awards 2009

Interactive Winners

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"El Pixelometro"

Client: Toyota Prius
Agency: Conill, Los Angeles

In this first Hispanic market test by Prius, Toyota's Hispanic shop Conill invented a fun app called the Pixelometro to digitally demonstrate how the Prius hybrid saves drivers fuel money they can spend on other things. Using Hispanic portal Terra, Conill invited users to turn miles into pixels, as measured in the virtual distance traveled by a computer mouse. The agency reported that brand perception for the Prius increased from 40% in April 2008 to 48% five months later.

"Tap Project"

Client: Unicef
Agency: Casanova Pendrill, Costa Mesa, CA

As the Hispanic agency for UNICEF's Tap Project, a widespread industry effort to promote that it only costs $1 to provide a child with clean drinking water and collect donations, Casanova Pendrill's integrated campaign included two banner ads. One banner ran across the top of web pages with the line "It's easy to take water to a child" and instructions to click on a spigot. With a click, water trickles down to the rest of the ad, further down the page, into a bucket held by three children. In another ad, users drag a glass of water across the banner and into a child's hand, then click to make a donation.

Dieste Re-Launch

Client: Dieste
Agency: Dieste, Dallas, TX

Dieste's website, part of a new look for the agency's re-launch under a new management team, has all the usual features, cleverly done. But there's one you won't see anywhere else. It brings alive the opening words "Brands. People. They can't stand still. Today we put our brand in your hands. Transform it." The irresistible invitation is to play around with color and shape and create your own online version of Dieste's logo (Dieste's own version is colorful strips of Play-Doh rolled into a ball). "Sign it, Picasso and voila. Now you're one of us," the site says encouragingly. So far 1,180 different versions of Dieste's logo have been created online. Offline, clients have done 42 versions in real Play-Doh sent over by Dieste. On the site, each Dieste staffer has created their own logo out of Play-Doh, next to their profile and links to each staffer's social networking sites. CEO Melisa Quiñoy is a white dog on a red cushion; President Aldo Quevedo, a fan of the movie "Jaws," is represented by a shark-like fin emerging from a blue blob.

State Farm

Client: State Farm
Agency: Alma DDB, Miami

As part of State Farm's connection with Hispanics and soccer, this online banner challenges users with microphones to yell "Gooooooool" loudly for as long as they can to see if they can break the record of sports announcer Andres Cantor, known for his long-drawn-out shout in Spanish of the word "Goal." Users could see their score in the banner and compare it with others.

"Erase Stereotypes"

Client: Zubi Advertising
Agency: Zubi Advertising

Zubi's updated site is built around the independent Hispanic agency's long-time motto "Erase Stereotypes," embodied in a Gumby-like pink eraser character and a homepage that is a white paper city where the giant eraser pounds its chest like King Kong. In navigating the site, the paper crumbles and reappears as a new blank sheet that morphs into new forms like an art gallery of Zubi ads, or the Zubi family's living room, where visitors can watch a video tribute to agency founder Tere Zubizarreta, who erased stereotypes about women and Cubans when she started her Miami ad agency in 1976 and became known as "Mama Zubi." The judges also liked the agency's use of social networking, with easy links to Zubi on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Wikipedia.

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