Hispanic Creative Ad Awards 2009

Magazine Winners

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Amnistia Internacional Campaign
Amnistia Internacional - Colgados

Amnistia Internacional - Apedreados

Amnistia Internacional - Guantanamo
Client: Amnistia Internacional
Agency: JWT, San Juan, puerto Rico

MARKETING CHALLENGE: Amnesty International is always looking for attention-grabbing new ways to highlight human rights abuses.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: The organization decided to take advantage of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to point out that not everyone is celebrating that landmark. The print ads feature lovely frosted birthday cakes in pastel colors with grim decorations drawn in icing of people suffering hideous abuses of human rights. People are dangling from nooses in "Colgados," being stoned in "Apedreados," and menaced by an apparently American soldier and a dog in "Guantanamo."

-- Laurel Wentz

SILVER WINNER: "Muñeca," "Heroe"
Active Life - Muñeca

Active Life - Heroe
Client: Active Life
Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, Texas

To promote the Active Life Movement, dedicated to creating healthful lifestyles that value physical activity and healthful eating, the agency plopped a fat Barbie-like blonde doll on a pink chaise, where she surfs the internet on a purple laptop surrounded by fast food. The call to action: "Child Obesity. Childrens' problem, adults' responsibility."

BRONZE WINNER: MLS Sponsor Campaign
MLS Sponsor Campaign

MLS Sponsor Campaign
Client: The Home Depot
Agency: Vidal Partnership, New York

Trust The Home Depot to make sure the soccer game goes on ("Para que el juego siga"), whether in a major league soccer stadium or the back yard, thanks to the company's role as official sponsor of Major League Soccer and retailer of useful products. In one ad, a soccer ball is wedged high up in a tree -- and Home Depot has a ladder for the resuce. In the other, the grass is too overgrown for a backyard soccer pitch. The Home Depot makes lawn mowers.

Pledge - Ants
Client: SC Johnson's Pledge
Agency: Draftfcb, San Juan

Pledge leaves surfaces so smooth and gleaming that, in this flight of fancy, two ants are inspired to do their own synchronized skating routine on a kitchen countertop. Maybe what's really needed here is SC Johnson's Raid.

Dawn - Chino
Client: Procter & Gamble's Dawn Plus
Agency: De La Cruz & Asociados, San Juan

This dishwashing liquid's brand promise of hand renewal works so well for this dish-washing restaurant worker that they aren't even his hands any more! His hairy arm end at the wrist, where a cared-for hand with smooth skin and manicured pink nails begins.

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