Hispanic Creative Ad Awards 2009

Radio Winners

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SILVER WINNER: "Muro" ("Wall")
Client: Cine Las Americas
Agency: LatinWorks

To promote an Austin, Texas, festival of Latin American films, the agency hit upon the idea of using excerpts from real speeches by Latin American leaders saying bizarre, surreal things. This campaign brilliantly sets up the film festival with the theme "If that's our reality, imagine our movies." In "Muro," Mexico's president, Felipe Calderon, addressing an Americas summit, tells America not to spend money foolishly on a useless wall to separate the two countries. Separately, a Bronze was awarded to another Cine Las Americas spot, "Coca," in which Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez, goes into a rambling rant in a speech to the United Nations about coca paste, and how it's not the same as cocaine.

SILVER WINNER: Subtitles Campaign



Client: Comcast
Agency: Grupo Gallegos, Long Beach, Calif.

Using radio to sell Spanish-language TV packages poses a creative challenge, especially when the campaign's tagline is: "When you see TV with subtitles, what you see loses a lot of emotion." To make radio listeners "see" the point, each spot is a dramatic tale of war or horror, with the dialogue interspersed with spoken punctuation marks that kill the mood evoked by the words. As a terrified couple is pursued by a nameless creature in "Horror," the woman screams "Pablo comma, I'm afraid period. What's that noise question mark?" Separately, "Horror" was awarded a BRONZE as an individual ad.

SILVER WINNER: "Disclaimer"
Client: Tecate
Agency: Adrenalina, New York

Tecate beer is positioned as a brand for male Mexican immigrants. In keeping with its image as a beer for strong men with character and personality, this ad consists of a lenghty and rapid-fire list of all the guys who should abstain from drinking Tecate, including men who are chickens, promise "I'll never do it again," say "oops"... you get the idea.

SILVER WINNER: "Muñeca" ("Doll")
Client: Comcast
Agency: Argus, Boston

Both Argus and Grupo Gallegos were awarded for Comcast campaigns touting Spanish-language TV. Taking a different approach, Argus praises the Spanish letter "ñ" in a lyrical spot about all the wonderful things in life that are spelled with that letter, like cumpleaños con piñatas. The tagline: "Without ñ it's not Spanish, and without Spanish, it's not the same."

SILVER WINNER: "Ruidos Durante el Reporte del Trafico"
Client: Toyota Certified Used Vehicles
Agency: Conill, Los Angeles

During a live traffic report on an English-language Hispanic radio station, the reporter is describing conditions on different roads when a metallic bumping sound that would worry any motorist begins. The reporter smoothly segues into "If you thought that noise was coming from your car, you'd better buy a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle." At the end of the spot, there's a Spanish-language recap for the less bilingual. Another variation, called simply "Ruidos" won a Bronze and doesn't sound like an ad either: a catchy disco tune is interrupted by a grinding sound followed by the "If you thought this noise came from your car ..." tagline.

Client: Honda
Agency: DraftFCB, San Juan, Puerto Rico

A GPS navigation system is issuing driving instructions in a woman's voice: "Make a left turn on ... turn right in one mile ..." but she pronounces the names of the streets, which all have Spanish names, as though they were English words. The spot ends: "Honda vehicles now have GPS for Puerto Rico."

Client: Toyota Certified Used Vehicles
Agency: Conill, Los Angeles
Client: Cine Las Americas
Agency: LatinWorks
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