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Laboratorio Garden House

"Hallmark Cards"

Agency: BBDO Puerto Rico, San Juan

This surprising campaign for a difficult product-run as a series of soft-focus Hallmark-like greeting cards inserted in magazines-won four of the judges' nine votes for non-broadcast Best of Show with its bizarre originality. Each card features a seemingly banal greeting like "There's light at the end of the road" and "It's time to let it go." Upon opening the card, the reader sees a pack of Prunelax laxative, above the words "The No. 1 for No. 2."

Procter & Gamble Co.'s Tide No Stain

"Juice," "Chocolate," "Ice Cream"

Agency: Conill, New York

No words are needed for the intuitive leap the reader makes looking at potentially stain-causing foods in the identical colors and patterns as the clothes they're likely to end up spilled or smeared on. Clearly, no matter what accidents happen, there won't be any stains.



Agency: McCann Erickson Puerto Rico, San Juan also won Newspaper Gold (see Page H-11).

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